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must have been thinking when they invented this awesome weed gadget. It's the OTTO Smart Grinder & Rolling Machine, the first ever all-in-one electric smart grinder and . But it's something, and you're good at it, damn it! Here's what I'm getting at - before you freak out that this amazing gold grinder is $1,500*, I want to make sure you realize one thing: YOU DESERVE IT. If you're smoking, you're probably gonna to need to do some poking.

It's a lighter case with a retractable poker and metal tamper on the corner that's perfect for loading bowls or putting them out. It's cool when people combine cool stuff to make other cool stuff. The folks who made The Grumbler pulled off the stuff + stuff = more stuff formula perfectly, by combining a grinder and a storage container to make one very . How to Roll the Perfect Joint Using a Joint Roller in 4 Easy Steps. If you’re like the majority of marijuana users, you’re probably wondering how to roll a perfect joint using a joint roller. Smoking the dried flowers is the easiest way to absorb the plant’s compounds and the quickest way to experience its effect. Unfortunately, making your cigarette isn’t as easy as it looks. You run the risk of your joint falling apart seconds after you’ve taken a deep drag if you don’t roll it properly. A joint rolling machine is an answer to having a perfect joint.

You still need to know the correct way of using a rolling machine. Start by making sure you have all the things you need to make a cigarette – joint roller, grinder, rolling paper, filters, and of course, a good quality weed. Work on top of either a small tray or large piece of paper, as rolling a joint can get messy. Grind around .5 to 1.5 grams of weed but keep it in the grinder while you prepare the filter and joint roller. The first thing you need to learn to roll a perfect joint using a joint roller is the proper way to load the filter. Open the rolling machine by sliding it up and over. Insert a filter paper and slide it over to one side. Check that there’s a bit of slack in the filter so it will be easier to fill. You should also leave a little piece of the paper above the roller’s fold. Next, fill the roller with the ground weed and pack it in. A good blunt needs a little bit of airflow to ensure an even burn. Place your ground weed on one side so there will be enough space at the other end for the tip. However, it can help you smoke the whole joint without burning your fingertips. Close the roller once you’re certain the weed is secure. It’s now time to start rolling to ensure the weed is distributed evenly. A rolling machine might make learning go faster, but it will still take time to perfect. Pick up your rolling machine and turn the rollers toward you. Try to position your thumbs around ¼ from the ends of roller nearest to you. Meanwhile, your index fingers should be at least ¼ in from the roller that’s farthest from you. Start pulling your thumbs towards you and in a downwards motion. Make sure your thumbs and forefingers are moving simultaneously so you can create an even and firmly packed blunt. Otherwise, the filter paper will be pulled in strange patterns, and your joint won’t work well. A complete rotation of the two rollers should be enough to get the filter nice and tight. So now it’s time to transfer everything to the rolling paper.

Load the paper into the roller, making sure the sticky side faces up. Press the paper down on the rolling machine with your thumbs and roll it towards you. Keep going until the only thing you see is the sticky strip. Lick the sticky side just like you would do an envelope.

Let the blunt rest for a moment to ensure everything sticks firmly. Open your joint roller, and there you have it – a fresh joint. It’s a good idea to roll multiple joints at a time. Plus, a good roller will help make the whole process go more smoothly. It can be frustrating to roll a blunt and end up with a lot of spillage and a thing that will disintegrate after a few puffs.


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