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Thankfully, the ABS plastic mouthpiece hardly conducts any heat and feels relatively cool against your lips. The AirVape Xs GO pales a little in comparison to its predecessor, the AirVape Xs, in terms of vapour smoothness and taste but it does a reasonable job anyway. The 1200 mAh integrated battery is tiny but will fight for your right to vape before yielding.

It’ll allow for a couple of sessions with about 12 draws per bowl on a medium setting which is not bad at all. It also allows for pass-through charging, so vape away while your battery’s charging, which it does in under an hour. We haven’t counted draws on the lower 2 temperature settings but it would be safe to assume that you’ll be able to wander around on a festival site, sipping cool, terpy vapour for quite some time before this baby gives out. The ABS plastic that constitutes the main material of the vape has been ergonomically shaped to fit in the palm of your hand. The plastic's known shock-resistant properties along with the magnetic mouthpiece - a known sensitive part in most vaporizers - puts our minds at ease about the device’s survival potential. The downside of a magnetic mouthpiece is that it might become detached in your trouser pocket or belt bag, leaving your precious herbs exposed. This vaporizer feels light and sturdy at the same time and we suspect it might just bounce back unscathed from a medium fall. Your thumbs and fingers will fit nicely in the large, oval-shaped indents while the grooved pattern on the back will keep it from slipping. This is definitely a vaporizer to hold and cherish.

As with most smaller vapes, the AirVape Xs GO relies on a single button. Pressing the button three times powers the device on or off which immediately shows remaining battery life through blinking indicator LEDs. Press and hold the button to cycle between temperature levels. The devices shuts off automatically after 3 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy a session. The AirVape Xs GO is quite flexible when it comes to temperature control, whether you’re going for a low-temp terpy session, an immediate smokestack on higher temps or a slow-build up across a 5-level temperature range between 180°C and 215°C. The 5 temperature levels (180°C, 190°C, 200°C and 207°C) are neatly spaced out and going from zero to the highest setting will take only 20 seconds on average. The bottom of the ceramic oven is separated from your herbs by a removable metal screen that fits rather loosely in the oven. This will cause herbal residue to stain the oven’s floor. Wiggle the screen a little, pop it out, set the vape to its highest temp setting and remove the residue with isopropyl swabs. The mouthpiece’s removable components can rest a little in an isopropyl bath while you’re scrubbing away at the oven. The AirVape Xs GO comes with an integrated flat metal tool you can use for stirring your herbs and for removing and inserting the metal screen into the oven. The box includes a spare metal screen, a USB-charging cable, an instruction manual, a cleaning brush and a pair of tweezers. Not quite sure what to do with those tweezers but it’s always nice to have a pair of them lying about. Other than that, the AirVape Xs GO doesn’t come with any fancy accessories. - Featherweight (57 grams) but sturdy - Seriously small and ergonomically shaped - Decent battery life and quick reaction time - Flexible in terms of vapour output thanks to its hybrid convection/conduction technology - Five temperature settings, an impressive feat for. - Integrated battery will wear out quickly on high temperature settings - Magnetic mouthpiece could do with some stronger magnets - Acceptable flavour but nothing to dwell on. If you’re just getting into electric vaping and feel you need to test the waters before spending a few hundred euros, this vaporizer is a very good choice indeed. You’ll be able to experiment with packing the oven to emphasize either conduction or convection heating, test different herbs on different temperature levels and carry it around wherever you go. If you’re already a seasoned vape-veteran and you’re looking for an inexpensive, secondary vape, the AirVape Xs GO won’t let you down either. The AirVape Xs GO won’t be winning any awards in the ‘Tasty Vapour’ category - even though it doesn’t perform poorly in this area either. It provides conduction and convection heating - an industry first as far as we know for a vape this size - which will delight flavouristas and cloud chasers alike. It’s so portable that it single-handedly redefines the category ‘portable’, with its sturdy, ergonomic shape. This makes this vape the ultimate on-the-go vape, with the Boundless CFC LITE as its main competitor. The AirVape Xs GO is also similarly priced and we would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 9 cm Weight: 57 gram Brand: AirVape Heating technique: Conduction Automatic switch-off: Yes Warranty: 2 year Pass-through charging: Yes Portable / Desktop: Portable. Compatibility: Herbs (flowers) Delivery method: Direct draw Heat-up time: 10-30 seconds Adjustable temperature: Yes Temperature range: 180 - 215 °C Replaceable battery: No Battery capacity: 1200 mAh. This tough little unit is light and simple, the typical portable you will take with you without even thinking about it. The perfect portable vaporizer for a walk in the park, a toke before the gym or any number of discreet situations or minute sessions. Holding the AirVape Xs Go at first will feel deceptive. Yes, weighing in at 57 gram this small portable belongs to the featherweight category.

This lack of weight is quite deceptive because the AirVape Xs Go is a solid unit made of ABS plastic which is impact and heat resistant.


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