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Specific scenes in my vision are exactly what i have dreamt either the same morning or a couple days before. And thoughts that occur as i smoke make me think of previous dreams, which then my eye catches something suprisingly familiar. Once it was the number 803 on a wall in the lightrail which was after a conversation about us running away from police officers. I instantly recalled a dream i had which led to me relising the 803 on the wall.

I honestly think i can see the future in my dreams. do you think that maybe your friend is using cannabis as a crutch or panacea for some deeper issues he's facing? people use cannabis for all sorts of different reasons. I would like to think that most people use it because they enjoy it but i know that there are some that abuse it because they have emotional issues. it would make sense why he's having such disturbing dreams after stopping it since he's no longer washing away his troubles with weed and they're coming back. basically, i would wonder if there's more to it than just using it because he enjoys it. if he has a doctor that he can talk to about it, i would suggest you suggest to him to do so.

there may be underlying issues at hand in his case. The same thing that happend to your friend used to happend to me and a lot of my friends for a couple days after we had been using Molli or Ecstasy we would have really bad dreams. My friends said they took seritonin supplememnts and said that that helped them alot. try a less apprehensive approach and then you might find what you seek. Taking the supplement 5 HTP can help relieve sypmtoms of MJ withdrawal such as depression, irritability, sleep deprivation, appetite problems, and the dreadful nightmares. Take 200mg per day for about two months to assist through initial stages of abstinence can be very helpful. My dreams these past few nights have been very vivid and very long; they seem to go on for days. I remember them very clearly and can't stop thinking about them. I never noticed how my dreams have been suppressed by my smoking until now. I am going thru the same thing, I quit smoking marijuana 3 weeks ago and my dreams are not scary but long and I remember them very well. I can even wake up and then fall back asleep and continue the same dream. I think everyone must be different because they are more vivid and I can remember them but not scary or emotionally disturbing. I am thinking these people were having or going to have scary dreams anyways they just didn't remember them. Mine were just about the people in my life doing different things or even similar things to what we do in real life. I work in a restaurant and we are always in a similar place. Well, if this is true, than i should be truly happy for giving up on marijuana a while ago. My reasons were others though, i was worried about my health, and about the addiction which was taking control over me. I still feel the need to smoke it, but i choose to go to some legal smoke shop and get some herbal buds, instead of contacting the same old marijuana dealer. for many reasons, but it is not possible to be "addicted" to it. You can't be physically addicted, but you can be psychologically addicted. If it's causing you problems then just don't smoke. If it's too hard, then you may need professional help to figure out what situations, thoughts, or feelings, you are avoiding by getting high. You're no more addicted to weed than a workaholic is addicted to work. It's a maturity issue, and we all need a little guidance with that process at some point.

The recovery INDUSTRY only tells you it is addictive so they can bill your parent's insurance for talking you out of getting high. Many of them are real former addicts who's sobriety is so fragile that they see marijuana as a gateway back to their old addictions, and they project that on to everyone else. Some of them smoke weed behind closed doors but push the company line in public. Then you have the cops, who get to pump the money from assets seized back into their drug war budget.

You also have the big drug cartels that make huge profits from keeping it illegal who benefit from the addiction myth.


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