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Customer service is very poor and they haven't got back to me in over a week, despite my polite requests. Can someone tell me the best way to… Can someone tell me the best way to clean my davinci IQ2? The DaVinci Miqro is one of my best… The DaVinci Miqro is one of my best purchases recently.

It’s fun putting it all back in too, I feel like a little kid when I do it and pretend like I’m loading a gun like Mathilda from Leon the professional, or something. It even has a grinder coin that I really love because it just looks so cool. Most importantly, it fits any pocket and is a very nice everyday being around gadget. One of their guys Rich, also helped me out in deciding to get the explorer’s collection which I don’t regret at all. The Davinci Vaporizer is a great… The Davinci Vaporizer is a great vaporizer for light users like me. If you’re planning to buy one I suggest that you go ahead and buy the explorers collection because it has everything you need specially for outdoor hikes. The kit provides you with an extra batter, a stash container where you can also use to keep your spare battery, a zip up case for your Miqro with pockets inside, and anti-shock silicone sleeve for a nice comfortable grip and protection for those butter finger vapers. The set really sells itself but I got a lot of my questions answered thanks to Hector.

So all in all it’s a great product and the fact that their customer service is very efficient is also a good advantage. Premium build yes, but but does have some underlying problems.maybe just my unit. I still waiting to get this resolved :( I cannot seem to get my device working. I cannot seem to get my device working, Left it charging for more then 30 minutes.. I've got a Davinci IQ vaporizer since… I've got a Davinci IQ vaporizer since 20.10.2017. I can't use it anymore because when the battery reaches 70-75% IQ says "low battery" and switch it off. I tried with new batteries (18650) but the issue is the same. It got so hot that I could crack an egg on it and cook it. I had to bring back this piece of garbage within the same 24 hour period I bought it, and I will never purchase another product from this company again. Be very careful when thinking about buying a Davinci iq! The hinges became loose, the battery was loose inside the chamber, cracked ceramic oven and terrible customer services. Then to top it all, whilst I was packing the oven I noticed that the battery (Davincis own battery) set on fire and melted the unit. I was extremely lucky that I was using it at the time, had I have not done this I can only imagine how catastrophic it really could have been. I strongly suggest you take a look at another vape. I myself will certainly not be buying one of these again. Recently purchased an IQ2 and had some trouble figuring out how to use it. Called their customer service line and they were awesome. Helped me on how to use and answered all my questions I had. One of the better experiences I've had with a company. The battery doesn’t last worth a darn, it tastes funny, and EXTREMELY difficult to get a hit. I am so extremely sorry I WASTED so much money on the POS. Please don’t make the mistake I did and buy this worthless and expensive piece of garbage . I had to read the instruction manual 10+ times before just watching a youtube video, which wasn't much more helpful. They put a lot of work into the aesthetics; boxes for attachments/USB cable/cleaning supplies with matching color schemes fit perfectly into the main box under the felt cut-out the device fits into.

It has everything you need to pack it and to get all the vaped product out right inside of itself, and the miqro is sleek and highly customizable to heat level (once you figure out how to use 3 buttons to navigate over 7 functions). Oh and it gives you little kitch messages every time you turn it off. While being plugged into your laptop/outlet the entire time you use it. This product has so much potential, I wish they put any visible amount of effort into the battery. I have to be attached to the USB cable at all times, I've left it charging for over 2 hours and it has yet to last longer than 5 MINUTES without dying. I see other reviewers saying 20-30 minutes and I would be completely fine with that amount of time compared to the literal moments I can have once I turn it on after it's been charging for hours. I didn't purchase it with the intent of passing it around a party like a volcano bag. But I would like to be able to bring it on a hike, or even walk into a different room in my house without it dying immediately. To add insult to injury, I do my best to keep this thing clean and EVERY time I open the "hatch" that contains the pastel colored battery (as I said, you can't fault them for their color palate) I almost throw it across the room after investing 20 minutes of my life getting that little latch to hold and stay shut.

I also see the word "discrete" in their literature a lot, and with the amount of vapor that comes out and the smell, you might as well just move to Venice Beach.


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