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Adjustable pin is a nice option even though I've yet to have need of it. Would have given 5 stars except that the firing button requires solid press from dead center. Still have an original SB, and that firing button never missed. Regardless, this is the best mechanical I've ever used and I truly like the firing button placement the SB offers.

Bottom buttons weird me out for some reason and don't feel comfortable to use all day. If different color tubes are ever released I'll be first in line. :) (Posted on 4/8/2014) great product for serious vapors Review by Terry Overall. i have been using my new silver bullet m for two weeks now. (Posted on 3/13/2014) cool Review by james Overall. the whole "not firing" thing was mostly fixed for me when i put it back together after cleaning e juice from a leaky tank. i did it to feel and it might be a little tighter than out of the factory. great improvement with the adjustable pins with no tiny rubber insulator to push out. fits the old battery tube so ive got a black top with a green bottom and i think the contrast is cool. The mechanism seems well thought out & implemented.

I checked the voltages on this mod with a lab grade digital voltmeter and it showed a less than .001 no load voltage drop through the switch as opposed to reading the uninstalled battery. As mechanical mods go this has to be the best value for a made in USA . (Posted on 2/18/2014) I love the Silver Bullet Review by kardinal Overall. Firstly, I've had an original SB for quite a while and love it. So when I saw a fully mech version I had to buy it. This is a beautiful mod and it feels even better in the hand than the original SB. I have run into a couple of problems with it (which is why I only have a 4 star rating at this time). Sometimes it won't fire, and I think may be an issue with the button not making contact or something to do with the center pin, but I'm not sure as it's intermittent. All that being said, this is a fantastic mod and would buy another in a heart beat. They've been making some of the best mods on the market for years now and the SB-Mech is no exception. best mod i have ever used (Posted on 1/6/2014) Love it Review by Rolando Overall. Just a great performing mod, love the finish, it's not that heavy and just works like it should, love the new 510 connection, I think this is becoming my new daily mod (Posted on 1/2/2014) Brilliant! Have had a regular Silver Bullet for some time now and love it but girlfriend wanted a Silver Bullet so I started checking in for a sale. Then the Silver Bullet M was released and with the winter sale and the points I had from my last purchases, it was an absolute steal. The Pictures do not do it justice, the stainless steel finish is gorgeous! Also on the picture it looked to me like the button stuck out farther than it actually does, it is recessed beyond the face of the tube so it isnt going to fire easily if you need to put it in your pocket, despite the fact you still shouldn't do so. Put on the Phoenix V10, dripped in some of my home made (Jamesons Melon Medley clone :) juice and started vaping away. I bought an extender and can not wait to try out a Kick with this beast as soon as Im able to get one. The stainless steel is worth the extra investment alone over the regular Silver Bullet. If Your looking for a top quality Mod, look no further. I can not imagine anyone needing anything more than this, and can not imagine there being anything more/better. If you want variable voltage, add a kick and you have the best of all worlds. The mailman delivered my new M at 9:30 this morn and I was vaping by 9:35. I've used a Phoenix v5 and a Kayfun Lite+ (this time it worked Chad) and both work exceptionally well. The M is shorter than the SB1 but weighs .25 oz more. With a Kick sleeve it is just a bit taller than the SB1. Feels really solid in the hand.The chrome M slides around a bit more in your hand than my SB1 (Greeny) but according to Chad the M's can't be powder coated because of the new switch.

is the M worth $45 more than the SB1, who cares it is a new and improved Silver Bullet designed by Chad so you HAVE to get one. got this mech mod today and havnt put it down since amazing remake of the silver bullet love how its now a mech (Posted on 12/19/2013) Write Your Own Review. June 2020 M T W T F S S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30. Tagged: Altsmoke Silver Bullet Toggle Comment Threads | Keyboard Shortcuts.

sewknitty 11:32 pm on December 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply Tags: Altsmoke Omega ( 2 ), Altsmoke Silver Bullet, mod ( 16 ) Vapetropolis, we have a problem…or two. The 801 adapter is still stuck on my Silver Bullet. I got some good tips from ECF but none of them worked, not even stickin’ that bad boy in the freezer.


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