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The first on the programme was Byron’s “When we two parted,” which was sung with fine effect by a blushing young burgher. Next came the old camp favorite, “The Spanish Cavalier.” The sentimental recollections induced by these two songs were speedily dissipated by a rattling comic song in Dutch…. One of the reciters…enunciated the lines—“Within the circle of your incantation / No blight nor mildew falls, / no fierce unrest, nor lust, nor lost ambition, / Passes those airy walls…” (The lines are from “The Angelus” by Bret Harte.) Roland Schikkerling, whom we saw recently in “The capture of the ‘Lady Roberts’,” described an evening in the eastern Transvaal, May 1901: “Goodman played the harmonium and sang to the tune of “Riding Down to Bangor” that stirring war hymn ‘De Kanon Lady Roberts’ [celebrating the cannon’s capture five months earlier]. I recited ‘Klaas Geswint.’ The evening was a huge success.

Meyer was charmed and Annie [her pretty 17-year-old daughter] was bewitched…. The only thing in that stood in my way to a complete conquest was that Goodman had lent me a razor, and after painfully shaving one side of my face, the edge so completely gave in that I could not get a hair off the other side…. I posed side-face all evening and, like the moon, showed always the same side of my face to the inhabitants of the earth.”# And so, as the war dragged on and cause of the Boers became increasingly hopeless, the men still managed to find a few hours of respite. **I should add that these forms of entertainment aren’t available to the significant number of troops in locations without electricity. ABC News Executive Reportedly Told Good Morning America 's Robin Roberts to Be Glad She Wasn't 'Picking Cotton' The King Of Staten Island reveals the limitations of the Judd Apatow star vehicle. Please Don't Bury These Real Animal Crossing Items. If You Can't Remember Your Last Good Night's Sleep It Might Be Time for Memory Foam. Aukey's Dual Dash Cam Gives Your Car Front and Rear Eyes, and It's 30% off. Let's Rank The Assassin's Creed Games, Worst To Best. Let This Scale Visualization Of The Speed Of Light Fill You With Wonder, Existential Dread.

No, the Trump Administration Did Not Just Take Away Trans People's Access to Healthcare. Nothing ruins a concert faster than some rude-ass fellow concertgoers. At a certain point, it’s gotta be legal for you to swat a phone out of someone’s hand who just won’t stop taking pictures at a show. You can’t control the behavior of someone else, but you can make sure you’re not an asshole in live-music settings, phone-swatting notwithstanding. “Don’t be a dick” seems like a very basic directive, one borne of basic etiquette. But it’s harder for some people, based on my anthropological observations. Even if you’re there to get wild, mind your manners. Don’t go in there acting like you’ve never been to a show before. Keep the conversations to a minimum once the actual show gets started. You are there to listen to music, listen being the operative word. So yeah, you’re at a loud show, and the music is booming, and you might be tempted to talk. Carrying on full, long, loud, and in-depth conversations is not. It’s distracting, and no one wants to be that guy that has to ask chatterboxes to shut up. Whispering and chatting turn into yelling really quick when you’re in a loud setting, too. So, talk less, listen more: That’s some good general life advice. So, I know we all have phones that can take pretty good pictures these days, but unless you’re right up in the front row, your picture is going to be grainy and terrible. Take a pic, slap a filter on that little snapshot, and it’s fine as Instagram proof that you were there. Don’t hold your phone in the air taking pictures and videos ad nauseam. If you do this and you’re a tall person, you are an extreme nuisance. If you’re short or average-height, you run the risk of elbowing someone in the face. Neither are good for you or any of your fellow patrons, and either way, you’re being a bother. Your endless concert pics generally aren’t even good, and it’s not like you’re going to throw them into a carousel and present a slideshow later. In this one they’re playing “Everlong.” This is “Everlong.” “Learn to Fly.” “Everlong.” This is also “Everlong.” Pictures don’t have sound. If You Can't Remember Your Last Good Night's Sleep It Might Be Time for Memory Foam.

Concert videos are common, too, and I understand the impulse. On one hand, you never know when Kanye is going to play something new or bring out a special guest. But that involves standing there holding your phone up for so long that it makes my own arms tired just watching you, and the vast majority of the resulting vids look and sound terrible.

If you want to get some footage of your favorite song, then by all means. But if you’re trying to film the entire concert, you’re probably not supposed to do that, and it’s not going to look (or sound) good anyway. Unless “lots of arm-jostling” is the aesthetic you’re going for. But be careful you don’t accidentally throw ‘bows with your neighbor.


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