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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Quick & Easy Guide: How to Clean Your Grinder and Produce Quality Cannabis Concentrates

How to Clean Your Grinders & Make Quality Concentrates

This is a safe and easy guide to using isopropyl alcohol to clean your grinders, flower jars, and bubble bags. Through this method, the isopropyl alcohol rinse will make your gear look as good as new. And it will leave you with quality cannabis extract. This method uses the popular QWISO Method.

QWISO – Quick Wash Isopropyl (a.k.a Iso-Hash, Quick Wash Hash) is a very easy and effective method to strip the trichomes from the flowers of mature cannabis plants to produce high quality concentrates and extracts.

3 – 7 Days

  • The total time depends greatly on how much isopropyl alcohol is used. This method does not involve heating, but rather passively allows it to evaporate. Which could take up to and even more than 7 days to be completely evaporated.
Step 1: Rinsing the Gear with Isopropyl Alcohol

The first step is to wash the gear that is covered in trichomes. It could be a well-used grinder that is clogged, flower jars that are covered in kief, and even bubble bag screens.

How to Rinse your Nug, Flower, or Stash Jars:

Jars are the easiest to rinse and clean. Just fill the jar approximately 25% of the way. Seal it back up and begin shaking it vigorously. You want to continue doing this until all of the walls of the jar appear to be clean of trichomes.

How to Rinse a Grinder:

Grinders are also fairly simple to wash. You need to rinse and clean each part of the grinder individually. And it is best to do so in either a tupperware or plastic bag. Fill the container to about 1/3 the volume, and shake it until that part of the grinder appears clean. If done well each component will look brand new.

How to Rinse Bubble Bags:

Bubble bags don’t require the entire device to be rinsed. You only need to focus the wash on the screen areas of the bubble bag. We have had a lot of success simply dipping the screen part of the bag in a container filled with isopropyl alcohol.

Lift and dip, lift and dip until the bag has been cleaned of any trichomes left over from the last ice wash.

Cannabis Infused Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Once the isopropyl alcohol has stripped the trichomes from the device or jar, the solution will change in coloring.

The more densely the concentration of trichomes and plant matter the darker the solution will appear. This greatly depends on the volume of isopropyl used. This solution can appear relatively clear if there is a much higher ratio of alcohol to trichomes. And it can also appear greener to even black if the solution contains any other plant material such as chlorophyll and plant waxes.

A solution that is dark golden in color and free of any plant particles (hairs and leaf) is ideal at this step in the QWISO process.

We were not able to keep the solution free of plant particles. This was acceptable for us.

For a purer solution and final product, using a coffee filter will be a very effective tool. We opted to not use a filter as you will inevitably lose some of the final product in this step.

Mass Medicinals Marijuana Photography | Marijuana Cultivation | DIY Projects | Marijuana Legal Issues | Product Reviews | And Much More Tuesday, January 15, 2019 Quick & Easy Guide: How

How to make a QWISO extract?

If you have finished growing, drying and curing, it is time to consume it. There are many ways to consume marijuana, one of them being vaporizing.

First of all, what is a QWISO (Quick-Wash ISOpropyl) extract? Cannabis buds consist of two main parts – plant material and, what I like to call, “effective material”, which gives all the desired effects from consuming it. In other words, plant material is more or less useless. An extract (also called concentrate, shatter, wax, oil, budder) basically contains only the desired “effective material”, and is intended for many uses, but mainly for vaporizing.

Making extracts isn’t as difficult as you may think, just requires some patience. There are several different methods for making high-quality extracts (other popular being BHO, but it is way more dangerous and complex due to usage of highly flammable butane, so I will stick to QWISO method).

  • Buds, at very least 5 grams of it, though the more the better (10-20 grams is optimal).
  • A grinder.
  • Coffee filters (unbleached).
  • Isopropyl alcohol, the purer, the better, 99% recommended. Isopropyl alcohol is also called rubbing alcohol. You can get it from hardware or electronics stores. You will need around 100 – 200 ml of it per 10 grams of buds.
  • A sieve (for filtering chunky plant material). Or 2 sieves – one smaller and one as large as possible, if you’re making over 10 grams.
  • A plate or other flat ceramic or glass surface (note: it must be quite deep, since you will be pouring quite a lot of liquid there).
  • 1 small jar (up to 0.5 litre) and 1 larger jar (0.5-1 litre should be enough).
  • A small razor blade for gathering the extract.
  • (optional, but highly recommended) a simple air-blowing fan.

First of all, make sure all containers (both jars and a plate) are really clean and totally dry (you want them totally clean, since the unwanted material might get into the extract, causing you problems later trying to remove it, and you want them dry, since water evaporation takes way longer than alcohol).

Firstly grind up all your buds into the small jar (ground buds have larger surface area, so it is easier to extract all the goods from them that way). Then put that jar and your alcohol into a freezer for a few hours or just overnight to make sure they’re as cold as possible (don’t worry, isopropyl freezes only at -89 C). Freezing is necessary, since trichromes fall off the leaves of the bud way more easily at low temperatures, making the extraction significantly more successful. Extracting without freezing results in smaller amounts of the final product.

You may also want to prepare your larger jar to save time later: take 1 coffee filter and put it onto your jar making sort of a bag (note: I used some thread to make sure the filter doesn’t fall into the jar), or, if you are making lots of extraction, cover entire surface of your larger sieve with filters and place smaller sieve on top of it.


Pour alcohol into the small jar till all the ground buds are submerged in it. Close the lid very tightly and shake it as hell for exactly 30 seconds (more might result in more chlorophyll extracted, making the final product taste not as good, less might result in smaller amounts of the extract).

Then pour everything through a sieve and through a filter into a jar (you may press the ground material in the first sieve to make it sieve though a bit faster). Yes, this part will be very slow, you will need patience, filtering might take 20-60 minutes. Pour a little extra alcohol into the small jar to make sure there are no left-over trichromes remaining in it and pour that though the filters as well.

How does this work? Cannabinoids dissolve in alcohol (for example, it doesn’t dissolve in water, so we can’t use that) leaving behind “powerless” plant material of buds. Sieve filters the chunky plant material and filter further refines the liquid by removing the tiniest bits of remaining plant (you have to use sieve for chunky parts, since using only a filter will cause it to clog very fast and filtering process might take hours). Since all cannabinoids are dissolved, they are in a liquid state at this point. Coffee filter allows all liquids to pass through it but stopping any solid particles.

Once filtering is over, you will be left with a jar containing a clear liquid with a green tint. You might ask, where the hell is my concentrate then? It is dissolved into that alcohol, we need to remove the alcohol now.

Pour jar’s contents into the plate or any other flat-surfaced container you have chosen. Pour a little extra alcohol into the jar to again make sure you don’t leave any trichromes in it. If you have a fan, then set it to blow into the liquid at lowest setting. Important notice: make sure you leave the evaporating alcohol in a garage/basement/a ventilated area, since you will be evaporating all the alcohol you used, which is flammable and slightly toxic. The evaporation might take between 12 and 24 hours.

Once the evaporation is complete (there are not even the slightest traces of any liquid on the plate), grab your razor blade and a chosen container for storing the concentrate and gather up from the surface. I used a toothpick to remove gathered material from blade into a container.

That’s all. Just clean up and you’re all done. You should be left with some really nice gooey and sticky extract.

If you have finished growing, drying and curing, it is time to consume it. There are many ways to consume marijuana, one of them being vaporizing. ]]>