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There are two buttons to the right of the screen that you can use to raise or lower the temperature, and they couldn’t be any easier or more convenient to use. Also, these buttons don’t feel cheap and the LED display is exceedingly sharp with minimal pixel issues. The reason why the device heats up so quickly is that a new 360-degree ceramic heating element has been implemented for 2018 models of the G Pen Elite , which provides fast heating throughout the chamber. While the company claims that it is a convection unit, it actually seems to have some conductive properties just based off of what we were witnessing firsthand. Moreover, at 0.75 grams the G Pen Elite’s fully ceramic chamber was the largest on the portable vaporizer market, at least when it was initially released.

In terms of how to clean the G Pen Elite , it’s recommended that you use the cleaning brush after every vaping session, but in all honesty, you probably don’t have to use it every time. Simply brush off residual material around the mouthpiece’s connection (and over its filter screen), and make sure to pre-heat the device beforehand as it makes cleaning the tar and residue buildup much easier. The Grenco G Pen Elite uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which gives you at least one hour’s worth of vaping on a full charge. It takes approximately three hours to charge the battery completely and the device charges via a standard mini USB which of course is super convenient. (However, unlike Arizer’s vape models , you can’t swap the batteries). There are few portable vaporizers on the market that are as easy to use as the G Pen Elite. It is a good idea to register the device on the product’s website before use and enter its serial number in order to activate the warranty. Once the device is fully charged (it’s recommended to charge the Elite for three hours before your first use), you simply use one hand to remove the mouthpiece while holding the body with your other hand.

When you pull the mouthpiece off, expose the ceramic chamber and fill it with dry herb, then place the mouthpiece back on top. Next, press the power button five times – the LED light should switch on and show the current temperature. (You can use the side buttons to adjust the temp as desired, and then press & hold for one second to set it in place). Within 30 seconds, the chamber should have reached your preset temperature, at which point you can relax and vape till your heart’s content. The design of the ceramic chamber in the Grenco G Pen Elite means the herb remains in constant contact with the heat. It might take a few burn-offs to remove the manufacturer smell and “new vape” taste, but once this is all gone the vapor path is fairly efficient. We found that long and slow draws at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, led to the best quality vapor. Also, you’ll find that the device remains cool to the touch, even after a couple minutes worth of continuous vaping. Grenco Science G Pen Elite Review: Overall Thoughts. There are many excellent features on the G Pen Elite. For one, it is about as portable as you can get, yet its diminutive size doesn’t prevent you from loading a LOT of herb into the chamber. Also, it heats up incredibly quickly which makes it ideal for impatient vapers. Another thing that is a pretty big bonus (well, depending on how you look at it), is that you can buy the G Pen Elite on eBay or Amazon for around $149.95. The full package includes the vaporizer, a G Card, a G Pen tool, a USB charging cable, and a cleaning brush. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use. It is extremely light, small, and discreet so you can use your 420 in the Elite G Pen and no one will know. You can load a significant amount of herb (roughly 0.75 grams). You have to perform a few ‘burns offs’ when you first use it. The mouthpiece needs regular cleaning because it clogs up easily. Before we even begin our G Pro Vaporizer review , we want to mention one stand out aspect of the device that was immediately noticeable; it looks exactly like an electric shaver! On a more relevant note, though, the Grenco G Pro is a more basic version of the Elite and while it lacks the stylish aesthetics of its bigger brother, the Pro has several excellent features and is significantly less expensive at $99.95. The Grenco G Pro Vaporizer was clearly designed with new vapers in mind because it possesses one of the simplest interfaces we’ve come across. The kit includes the device, a grinder card (for grinding herb on the move), a packing tool, a charging cable, and a cleaning brush. While it is nice to have the extra grinder, we will say that it isn’t a particularly effective one and we would recommend purchasing a better , higher quality one for best results.

In terms of features, everything about the G Pro Vaporizer is basic. There are just three preset temperature levels: Red : 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is immediately clear that the G Pro is not for experienced users , simply because you can’t benefit from precise temperature control. Additionally, the device contains a relatively small ceramic oven that holds just around 0.2 grams of dry herb. Despite the fact that the G Pro is made primarily from plastic material, it is surprisingly durable; and it isn’t completely round which means it WON’T fall off the table! Also, it is hard to imagine the device being much easier to use, as it consists of a single button interface with a micro USB port at the bottom, and a comfortable, rubber mouthpiece. The G Pro Vaporizer no doubt benefits from the remarkable technology used by Grenco Science, which means it can heat up from cold within a period of about 20 seconds — about the same time that it takes my trusty Toyota Corolla to go from 0 to 50 mph! Moreover, the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1300mAh and we found that it was possible to get approximately 40 minutes worth of use from a full charge. It is also important to note that the brand has teamed up with a variety of people from the music and fashion industries to create redesigned versions of the original Grenco G Pro.

While this is admittedly pretty awesome, it does make it rather tricky to determine which G Pro vaporizer is the best model! One of the most famous examples is the Snoop Dogg G Pro, but these revamped models contain more or less the same features as the non-signature models.


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