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Convection vaporizer: Heats the tobacco via a stream of hot air. Unlike many other herbs that you can vape, there’s no need to break tobacco down with a grinder before loading your vaporizer. You can simply load the vaporizer’s oven with standard rolling tobacco. As with any other form of tobacco use, you want to use the highest-quality tobacco that you can find and store it with care to keep it from drying out.

One thing people have noticed about tobacco vaping is that tobacco doesn’t produce the same large, visible clouds that e-liquid does when it’s vaporized. If you’re not happy with the clouds that your device produces when you vape tobacco, ensure that you’re using the freshest tobacco possible. You should also do everything possible to prevent your tobacco from drying out. We’ll discuss that in greater detail in the next section. Do not try adding liquid directly to the tobacco; most people find that doing so only ruins the flavor and gives the vapor a harsh quality. Some dry herb vaporizers also support oils and waxes.

The Storz & Bickel Mighty and Crafty vaporizers, for example, include steel wool pads that you can soak with liquid. If you use a vaporizer with that design, try soaking the pad with a bit of e-liquid. E-liquid with no nicotine and no added flavor works best. After loading your vaporizer’s oven with tobacco until it is mostly full, place the wet pad on top of the tobacco before closing the oven. As the hot air passes through the oven, it vaporizes the tobacco and the e-liquid. The e-liquid forms a visible cloud, and the tobacco supplies flavor and nicotine. If you’ve ever smoked loose-leaf cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco, you already know how important it is to regulate the amount of moisture in it. If the tobacco dries out, it doesn’t taste or burn as it should. It’s even more true, in fact, since tobacco that’s dried out doesn’t produce the large, satisfying clouds that you want when vaping. You can rehydrate dried-out tobacco to a certain extent, but rehydrated tobacco will never taste quite as good as fresh tobacco – so the goal is to prevent it from drying out in the first place. If have a supply of loose-leaf tobacco that you intend to use within a few weeks, there’s no need to be overly worried about controlling its moisture content. Simply store the tobacco in a tightly sealed mason jar. You’ll finish using the tobacco before it dries out. If you have a supply of tobacco that you need to store for more than a few weeks, get a paper towel, a large zip-top bag and a smaller zip-top bag. Dampen the paper towel and place it in the smaller bag. Leave the small bag open and place it in the larger bag. You’ll need to replace the paper towel every few days as it dries out. As long as you do that, you can store loose-leaf tobacco this way for quite some time. If you have a couple of dollars to spend, visit your local tobacconist and ask for a clay humidification disc. Soak the disc in water for a few minutes before drying away the excess and adding the disc to your bag of tobacco. The clay releases its moisture gradually and will last several days before you’ll need to refresh it. If you own a cigar humidor, you can store your vaping tobacco in it.

If you want to store aromatic pipe tobacco in the humidor, though, you may want to seal it in a can or pouch. If you don’t, the flavor of the tobacco can potentially contaminate cigars stored in the same humidor. On the other hand, if you aren’t storing cigars in the same humidor, you might consider adding a little less solution to the humidifier than you would normally use for cigars. Most people agree that pipe tobacco stores better in a slightly drier environment. A professional freelance writer and SEO consultant with more than a decade of experience, Jason works with vaping companies around the world to increase their targeted web traffic and improve their revenue. Copyright © 2019 True North Vapor - POWERED BY DVINE. Dab nails are one of the most essential parts of dabbing, dabbers normally use a butane torch to heat the quartz banger or the titanium nail to a certain level of temperature (300. 500 degrees Fahrenheit for low temperature dabs and 700+ for high temperature dabs) and place their cannabis concentrate of choice onto the nail/banger to vaporize the concentrate and inhale the vapor through a water pipe/bong/dab rig. It's considered to be one of the most healthy ways to consume their medication.

Dab nails come in many different cool forms and materials, some of the most common materials include titanium, quartz, ceramic and glass.


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