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Deer are timid and will likely decide that running through a field isn’t worth the risk, even for that sweet, sweet bud. The timid nature of deer is also a key factor in getting rid of them once they’re already a problem. You wake up one morning and find your weed garden is a mess. Several seedlings are uprooted, stems strewn across the soil, leaves and buds gone but for some scraps.

Some of the larger plants have buds and leaves chewed to the quick. You scan the wreckage with sharp eyes, and there’s your clue: deer prints and droppings. There are a few ways to get rid of them, some involving more work and some less, some more and less pretty. If you’re building the fence out of wood, make sure there are no spaces between slats or under the fence for the deer to shimmy through. If you’re going to keep deer out with a fence, it had better be tall. Once you’ve got your electric fence set up, smear some peanut butter at the base of the fence before nightfall.

The deer will come by, try to get at the sweet snack, and get a shock. Continue applying peanut butter until the deer stop eating it—shouldn’t take more than two or three times. Once the deer fear the fence, they’ll stay away from your garden. Connect some motion-detectors to a high-wattage bulb so that whenever deer approach your garden, they get a blast of light. Make sure to position the lights strategically so they won’t be pointing at your plants—this can adversely affect their life cycle. You want them to be facing the deer’s potential point of entry, so as to send them hopping. Same idea as above, except the deer get sprayed with water as they approach the garden. Look into “scarecrow sprinklers”, which will hit your deer with a blast of high-intensity water. Deer are skittish, and can easily be scared away by the smell of animals they fear. Luckily, one of these is humans, so you can scare them away with bits of your own body. Drape human hair over your plants and leave jars of urine around the perimeter of your garden to repel with human smell. You can also buy predator urine from coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. Spray this around the perimeter and deer won’t dare approach. Make sure to re-apply these scent markers after rainfall. If using animal musk is too much for you, you can use a different kind of scent to repel deer. One plant-based option is to crush garlic and hang it in nylon around your plants. You can do the same with mothballs or scented bars of soap. If you’re looking for an intermediary level of grossness, combine 20% rotten eggs with 80% water and spray it all over your plants. The deer will find this every bit as repelling as you do. Deer are a nuisance, but if you take the proper precautions, they’re not hard to get rid of. They could get used to any single form of repellent, so you may need to switch things up once in a while to keep them away. Once you’ve gotten them safely out of your weed garden, you can go ahead and appreciate them from a distance, free from mixed feelings! Structure Type Structure Fuel Water Item Weight 6.0 Added in v1.0. Crafting Skill Tree Basic Farming Prerequisites 20x20pxCooking & Farming Water Storage Crafted in Smithy Ingredients. Overview [ edit | edit source ] Water Pipe System is a structure in ATLAS that provides a means of transporting Water.

by drinking from a tap), water is drawn through a system of connected pipes. Usage [ edit | edit source ] There are five models of Water Pipe System that may be cycled between using the T key. Underground Water Pipe [ edit | edit source ] Underground Water Pipes serve to bring Water from lakes to Crop Plots and reservoirs. They must be placed in or near a fresh water source such as a lake or river. Note that at the time of writing, the animated water of most rivers is not actually a water source. When positioned in a valid location, the placement ghost image will change from orange to blue and the words "Water Source" will appear in large blue letters on the player's screen.

The following illustration shows an Underground Water Pipe before and after placement.


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