puk pipe review

Puk pipe review

The first and only completely odorless and water resistant, multi-product dosing smoking device. Designed by a former NASA employee.

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Award Winning Pipe!

The international, award winning pipe that holds nearly 1/8 ounce in its 6 fresh bowls so you never need to carry an extra container

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What others say

Nice pipe for travel, it fits nicely in your pocket.


This is the third puk pipe I own now the first of my stone collection.

Not only is the pipe fantastic- the taste is amazing and the fact that i can put it in the freezer makes it that much cooler!



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PUK Pipe (pronounced Puck), the first and only vitrually odorless, water-resistant, multi-product dosing device that stores nearly 1/8 of an oz in six (0.5-gram) bowls that are ready for you to enjoy with just the turn of your PUK. PUK comes in Borosilicate glass (Pyrex), Marble, Granite, and various types of wood. ]]>