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45° Banger: This describes the angle of the neck of the banger. The quartz will usually come in either 2mm or 4mm thickness. This design is mostly used to convert bongs, with joints that will not fit right with a 90°, into oil rigs.

Flat Top Banger: This describes the style of the top opening of the banger. Standard bangers come with a slant whereas flat tops create a flat opening so carb caps can rest easier on the lid. These can also have thick bottoms that absorb more heat to stay hotter longer. Flat Top Insert: This describes an insert that can be placed inside a flat top banger that allows for easier cleaning and more indirect heat. If the concentrate is placed in the insert than when it comes time to clean your piece you can simply remove the insert and soak it in iso. The most popular sizes are 25mm and 30mm in diameter. Terp Slurper: This describes a banger with a lower cup on the bottom with openings. Your extract is placed from the top against the walls, and because of the design when you pull air through it causes the concentrate to “slurp” up the banger then slide back down into the cup section. Terp Cycler: This describes a very unique banger that cycles the oil through the banger.

There is a specially designed insert to create more surface area to vaporizes the extract that sits at the base of the banger. Once concentrate is placed into the insert it will melt down through it until it slips into the loop attached that cycles the extract back to the top of the insert which starts the process over again. Bubble Bottom: This describes how the bottom of the banger is rounded instead of flat. The round shape is designed to allow the concentrate to melt down to a single point instead of collecting on the flat surface which spreads it out. Core Reactor: This describes a banger with a solid thick quartz cylinder in the center. This creates more quartz for heat retention and gives a larger surface area to come in contract with the extract. The “core” can have heat reactive color changing crystals added inside to help better gauge the temperature level. Thermal Banger: This describes a banger with two levels of walls. This creates a separation between the flame and the quartz which helps for lower temp dabs. It also helps stop the flow of extract from going down the neck into your piece. Heat reactive color changing crystals can be added to help better gauge the temperature level. Bell-Shaped Flare: This describes a shape made famous in the industry by Evan Shore which flares out at the bottom making it harder to pull through the neck and gives a larger surface on the bottom for heat retention. Heat Reactive Color Changing Crystals: These crystals are added to certain banger nails to help gauge the temperature level of the quartz. The crystals change color from yellow to red depending on how much heat is applied. The visual effect is fun to watch and will help you find that perfect temp dab. Quartz Balls: These balls are added to create more surface area for heat to come into contact with the extract. With the addition of a directional air flow carb cap the balls are spun in circles inside the banger. For more information on dabbing check out our blog: I Use a Blowtorch To Do What?! Before, we gave you our comprehensive guide on how to use a quartz banger. Now we’ll teach you how to get the right banger that will fit your dab rig perfectly. Before we consider the sizes, let’s talk about the essential parts of your banger. Generally, a quartz banger has three parts: the joint, the neck, and the bucket. The joint is where you connect the banger to your dab rig’s joint, and the bucket is where you put your concentrates for vaporization. When determining quartz banger size, you need to consider the joint as well as the bucket. Below are different charts that you can use for reference when you’re browsing for a quartz banger.

Male joints taper at the ends, while female joints flare at the bottom. Regardless of gender, joint sizes are still the same: 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm. The only difference is, female joints look bigger compared to male joints even if you’re looking at the same size. Joint Size Sold as Best suited for 18.8mm 18mm/19mm Large dab rigs 14.4mm 14mm Most common and used for most dab rigs 10mm 10mm Mini or micro dab rigs. You can also use a ruler to measure the joint size of your quartz banger. If you’re checking the size of a male quartz banger, measure the external diameter. For a female quartz banger, measure the internal diameter.

When using a ruler, use the quartz banger size chart below for your reference: Joint Size Male Female 10mm 6/16” 8/16” 14mm 8/16” 10/16” 18mm 10/16” 12/16” *Quartz banger size chart: joint sizes when using a ruler. 18mm or 19mm quartz bangers are good for big dab rigs, but these large joints are found often in bongs. If you have a giant bong that you want to convert to a dab rig, most likely, you’ll get an 18mm or 19mm joint.


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