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If I smoked crack, meth, shot heroine or used cocaine, I would be in great shaoe since these employer drug tests will not detect those drugs after only a few days. (Isn't that something?) I also have 2 children I am good father to, and a wife I am good husband to. Anyhow, since this is a professional forum, I do hope that somehow the industry will find funding to research cannabis and its benefits. I much prefer a weed that is part of nature's balance.

It makes me feel much more comfortable than getting hooked on drugs concontocted in a lab. I amwritign thi right now, because still, after 3 weeks, my nightmares are so horrible I had to reach out and find some answers. I was told once I had PTSD, and there seems to be a lot of blogs woth war vets who have found peace with cannabis. The politics surrounding cannabis prohibition are just awful. You would never ever know I used cannabis unless you knekw me intimately. As far as productivitiy in the work place, maybe we shouldnt allow people with children with special needs, or sick parents, or someone who experienced a death int he family to be able to work and make a living since these thigns will ultimately affect productivity. Isn't that the argument employers use for marijuana testing?

Terrified to go back sleep, but will do whatever it takes to advance my career and make a better life for myself anf my family. If you understand the phenomenon of addiction you will understand that it is the bodies way of compensating for any substance that your body finds puts you out of equilibrium. This in reality is your body craving sugar to stop the high. I have smoked for 18 years and this is my third bout with quitting. Perhaps more so than other drugs because it is underestimated. As my body starts to regulate itself what is very clear is the dependence that I have created by using this herb. I have never even thought about it that way before. I agreed, I've smoked for around 5 years and never quit for more than a few days. I felt no withdrawals aside from some vivid dreams for a few nights. Some people complain they feel extremely bored when they quit this was not the case. People complain of psychological withdrawals from THC rather than physical withdrawals (nicotine). I think what you're saying is that these psychological withdrawals are "advertised" to us: we are shown/told people suffer from withdrawals and we assume they will materialize in our own life. Converse to this I feel that my personal experience does not directly correlate with what others may be feeling. I gradually quit, I cut back to only one joint before bed for 2 weeks before quitting completely. We call it detox (there is no detox for pot as far as I know). Since most chronic users are self medicating for PTSD then we can say that such people's return to their drug of choice is self medication. The deal is that even most professionals only know what they read in the newspapers about the subject. There is a huge industry (Drug Prohibition) devoted to keeping people ignorant on the subject. The herbal buds have been known to kill people from having contaminants (most is made in China). Hi, Kt, Yes, I think it is a fascinating topic, too, obviously. When I was younger, lucid dreams occurred often and I didn't know they were uncommon. But in order for me to gain awareness in my dreams, something supernatural or bizarre usually had to occur. Lately, I've been having normal dreams, so to speak. I dreamt about fire for the first time in my life a few nights ago. I ripped a window net so two cats could jump out of the fire, into my window. I can't remember having any nightmares in years, although they may have occurred, sparked lucidity, and I may have manipulated myself out of them.

People with vivid dreams are generally creative, imaginative people. As you pay more attention to your dreams, you will remmember more. People with vivid dreams are people with vivid dreams. Nope, some only master a few tens of words in their lifetime.

These terms however have fallen into disuse due to the euphemism treadmill. If a family member or loved one is struggling with addiction, you're probably interested in supporting their sobriety.


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