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The heating element reaches around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the instant heat increases the unit’s efficiency because it doesn’t waste herb during an extended heating up or cooling down session. When using the Firefly 1 vaporizer, for instance, you’ll notice the warm glow produced by the device. This is a signal that the heating element has reached its maximum temperature, and thus is ready to use (also makes for a pretty awesome sight at night). The removable battery is arguably the biggest let down with the original Firefly vape, as you get little more than 45 minutes of continuous use per charge — nowadays, this is very much on the low side.

Indeed, some users complained that they could barely get through three full chambers of bud on a single charge. You can buy spare batteries and swap them out as needed, but everyone knows this is a pain in the ass. On the plus side, though, the battery charges in 45 minutes which is exceptionally fast and way above the industry standard. The lid on the Firefly Vape is held by a pair of extremely powerful magnets and initially, you’ll be shocked by how much force it takes to open. We were a little annoyed by the lack of instructions provided by the manual, which essentially said using the Firefly is as easy as putting in the battery, plugging it in, charging it, adding your herb, pressing the power button, and vaping. In reality, if you do this you’ll end up frustrated. Once your Firefly is charged, you’ll want to flip the power switch on the right-hand side of the device to turn it on (at which point you will see a green LED light). The heat button is on the other side and once you press it, the vaporizer will hit 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. Please note though that no matter how long you hold down the heating button for, the Firefly will heat for a maximum of 30 seconds continuously.

The longer you hold the button, the thicker the vapor. You will see the chamber as soon as you remove the lid, and we found that building a mound over it is the best method of loading. Make sure none of the herbs touch the steel or else you’ll make cleaning a little bit harder. Also, you need finely ground herb to benefit from the best results. One of the best aspects of the Firefly is the ease of maintenance. We recommend cleaning the device after every session, because the window on the cover and stainless steel stay warm for an extended period of times, helping keep things more “fluid” and more easily wiped down. A paper towel will suffice when removing residue, though the double-sided cleaning tool also does an exceptional job. After several heavy sessions with the Firefly vape, you may notice a residue on the window and the area surrounding the chamber. Wait for the heating element to cool down, and remove the build-up with alcohol. Most users say they have up to 15 sessions before the unit needs a thorough cleaning. During our OG Firefly vape review, we found that the actual vapor quality on the unit was best when we preheated the chamber for six seconds and held the power button for the 30-second maximum. You will benefit from a great draw and decent vapor quantity if you do this. Also, after drawing try and shake the Firefly to move the herbs to ensure you use every last piece. If you can draw for up to 10 seconds on the second hit, you will be greeted with an exceptionally dense cloud. Most users get a minimum of eight hits per session, and our team managed ten. Overall, the vapor quality is superb and at the time, only desktop units were capable of better. When the Firefly 1 vape was released back in December 2013, it was rightly regarded as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. As a convection model, it is extremely efficient because it only heats your herbs while you press the power button. The almost instant heating up time was also a coup at a time when other vaporizers were taking up to 60 seconds. Aside from the first few uses, the Firefly is as easy as charging, pressing a switch and holding down a button after loading the chamber. Also, with no external batteries or extra pieces, it is the definition of ‘portable’ (and comes with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind). Another bonus was the lightning fast battery charge time of 45 minutes, and the fact that the unit is remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

It has been almost five years since the original Firefly vape was released and, it there’s no denying that it now looks dated compared to newer models – especially its successor (which we review below). Moreover the battery life is very low at 45 minutes, and as the Firefly vaporizer was for sale at $269, it is a very expensive model.

Indeed, there are arguably superior vaporizers on the market today for under $100 . The Firefly was a fantastic vaporizer for its time, but it has been comprehensively usurped by its big brother, the Firefly 2. When you learn about the app for this new Firefly vape, you will be astonished as Firefly’s software for vaporizer control is a game changer – just like their introduction of the OF Firefly was a game changer back in 2013.


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