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You can also adjust the temperature or voltage of the device with three quick clicks of the power button. Types of Oil Cartridge Vape Pens: Magnetic, Screw On, Auto-Draw and Variable Voltage. Oil Cartridge Vape Pens come is a plethora of varieties to best fit the user’s needs. From magnetic adapters to screw on 510-threaded female ports and everything in between. A magnetic Oil Cartridge vaporizer is a device that employs convenient magnetic adapters, which allows any 510 threaded cartridges to snap right into place in the device.

Devices like the Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape and the Wulf Micro Plus Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods utilize these magnetic adapters. The magnetic adapters create a more secure connection to the device, allowing the user to enjoy an easier inhale of their desired oils. Magnetic adapters also allow for more versatile use as any type of 510 thread connection cartridge can be utilized for endless sessions. A screw on Oil Cartridge vaporizer is a device that allows for the cartridge to screw directly into the battery. The most common battery employs a female 510-threading that allows any 510-threaded male port cartridge an easy screw in connection. Simply screw the cartridge to the battery, press the power button as you inhale and enjoy instant vapor. The Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is a great example of a screw on oil vape pen. Screw on oil vaporizer pens often feature variable voltage options anywhere from 3-4 voltage settings for easy use with any viscosity of oil cartridges. Another type of screw on oil cartridge vaporizer pens are known as Auto Draw Vaporizers. An auto draw oi pen is a vaporizer that utilizes an automatic battery with pre-filled or refillable cartridges.

This simple pen styled device is activated when the user inhales on the cartridge. The inhale activates the battery sensor and heats up the oil allowing for full, flavorful draws. Auto Draw Vape Pens come in two styles; single voltage, or variable voltage. Variable voltage allows the user to change the voltage power the battery puts out, making it ideal for thicker oils, while the single voltage batteries are ideal for easy, on the go use of thinner oils. A great auto-draw device is the Exxus Tap VV Auto Draw Battery by Exxus Vape. With a 510 port, attach the cartridge and start puffing away. A variable voltage vape pen for oil is a device that allows you to manually adjust the voltage of your device. Variable voltage options heat your oil cartridges coils to our desired temperature based on the viscosity of the oil inside. This allows you to control the power output for your desired vapor output. In simpler terms, you have full range of your sessions and oils. The Exxus Snap Variable Voltage Cartridge Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is an example of one of these variable voltage devices. With three voltage settings, the Exxus Snap works well with any oil no matter the viscosity. This is the main reason why variable voltage vaporizers are currently the most popular in this category of oil pens, due to their customization capabilities. Oil Cartridge Vape Pens come in a variety of makes and models, combining together to provide you with an incredible experience. These oil vape pens are made up of four elements: a tank or cartridge, an atomizer, sensors and the battery. The tank or cartridge is what your oils are put or held in. Typically, most batteries do not come with a tank/cartridge but are available empty. This allows you to fill and refill up to 2 times your own oils. The tank/cartridge is typically incorporated with that atomizer acting as a single unit. Most tanks/cartridges are polycarbonate plastic, but glass and stainless-steel tanks are also a great option. There are many options and different styles to choose from that each have a unique look and deliver a unique taste to your oils. Commonly known as cartomizers, clearomizer and other varieties of the word. The atomizer is a pint size heating element that converts liquid to tiny airborne droplets. Some vaporizers will turn on automatically as soon as the user inhales, while others require utilizing the push of a toggle to start the heating elements.

Both methods require sensors to determine when the device is in use. The battery of an oil pen provides power to the device, resulting in the production of vapor. In mere seconds, the battery powers the vape pen for continuous usage on a single charge.

Most vape pens utilize rechargeable lithium ion batteries for optimal performance and are connected to the oil cartridge through the female 510 port. Every Oil Vape Pen has features that cater to that vaper’s needs. A few important aspects you should keep in mind before purchasing a device is the affordability, usage, size and warranty. The average price of an oil vaporizer pen ranges from $7 to upwards of $100, depending on the type you get.


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