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What Is Dabbing and What Is It’s Benefits?

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The growing relevance of cannabis to health and recreational activities paved the way for the creation of various ways to extract the benefits of the plant. As people have different preferences and needs, it also contributes to the growing number of extraction processes that were made possible. It is also important to note that the methods of using cannabis have various advantages and consequences. Thus, method adaptation all boils down to method effectiveness, convenience, and preference.

The dabbing method is currently the newest way to consume cannabis extract. Its invention aims to solve the intimidating and uneasy process of inhaling the plant extract. So, what exactly is dabbing weed? To simply explain the process, dabbing is the method of vaporizing and consuming a cannabis oil concentrate with the use of a dab rig or even wax pen. This method is made by putting your perceived amount of extract on a hot surface and vaporizing it.

Currently, this method is known to provide a high percentage of cannabis while giving a healthier way to consume the plant. Thus, it is chosen by many for its health benefits and effectiveness. Having a lot of misconceptions surrounding this new method, this article will help you understand the importance and benefits that this process proposes.

How Dabbing Works

Among the benefits of this method, dabbing is definitely worth the try. To start this new method, it is necessary to differentiate dabbing from dabs. Dabs are the resin obtained by concentrating the cannabis plant. On the other hand, dabbing is the process of vaporizing the extract to get the dabs.

The dab resin comes in various forms depending on its method of extraction and choice of plant extract. It can be made into a solid or liquid consistency varying from oil, soft solid, and hard solid. To add more, there are also several methods to obtain the dab resin. These concentration ways may include the use of butane as the extract’s solvent, the use of heat to extract the oil or even the use of CO2 as the solvent.

In this process, you may also choose among the numerous tools to obtain the dab resin. This equipment may be selected depending on your desired function, method, feature, and price. In choosing among these tools, you may vaporize your extracts using either dab rigs or wax vaporizers.

If you have chosen to use wax vaporizers, there are a variety of wax pens sold in the market. These devices are often called dab vapes, wax pens, or even dap pens. Despite being drawn in a series of names, it all serves a specific purpose – to vaporize the plant extract. Wax vaporizers are battery-powered devices that produce heat and vaporize the concentrate. Once it is heated and turned into vapor, it can be inhaled by the user through its mouthpiece.

On the other hand, the dab rig can also be one of the tools to be used by its users. Despite having several variations in its structure, it all has the same components and set up. It contains a water pipe, nail, dome, blow torch, and a dabber.

After choosing your desired consistency, tools, and solvent, you may proceed with the process. The user may put the plant substance into the tools to be heated. After a few minutes, it will start to create vapors for the person to inhale. By directly inhaling the dab vapor, the user can immediately gain the benefits of cannabis.

The dabbing method is currently the newest way to consume cannabis extract. So, what exactly is dabbing weed and what are its benefits?

Pros and Cons of Dabbing

Posted by Products Team on November 12, 2019

Dabbing — it’s growing in popularity every day, and it’s one of the top preferred methods of consuming concentrates out there. But does dabbing culture confuse you? If you have questions, it’s ok, we can help! What exactly is dabbing, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Dabbing basically consists of heating cannabinoid-rich concentrates, known as dabs, using e-dab rigs in order to vaporize them. These concentrates are naturally very high in cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and others. There are many different ways to ‘dab’, yet the most recommended method of consumption is with an electronic dab rig, or a vaporizer that is compatible with oils or concentrates. Check out Dabbing Vs Vaping Blog for more info.

It is most recommended because when using an e-dab rig, instead of traditional combustion methods, the concentrates are vaporized at the perfect temperature, which means they won’t burn off all of the goodies you’re after. A traditional heating method can burn off a large percentage of THC, CBD, and tasty terpenes in your product.

Pros of Dabbing

Concentrates are considered one of the “cleanest” ways of consuming THC and CBD, since dabs ( concentrates ) offer a high amount of pure goodness, without all the extra plant matter. It’s thanks to this fact that many people feel like dabbing gets straight to the point, and they prefer it.

On another note, the term “a little dab will do” really applies. You can get so much more out of a small amount of concentrates than you would with dry herb. Dabbing is both easier on your lungs and on your wallet.

Thanks to the high concentration of terpenes and the absence of dry plant matter, dabs offer you a very clean and prominent taste; and when you dab with an electronic rig, that flavor is even cleaner and tastier. Another thing that many consider a bonus of dabbing is that they claim the high is “clearer”. This is probably due to the fact that when vaping dabs, you don’t consume the high amounts of tar and resin that comes from dry herb, and you body can process its benefits much easier.

Cons of Dabbing

Like everything else, dabbing also has a few weak points to its name. The first con is also on the pro list: their potency. Dabs are so potent that they can be risky. Some people have experienced a much stronger high than expected when dabbing with THC concentrates, and this can lead to an increased heart rate, paranoia, and even blackouts. Because of this, it’s important to take it slowly when it comes to dabbing.

Another thing that you should always be aware of is the quality of your dabs. Dabs are meant to be very clean and very pure, but that is not always true. There have been some cases when dabs have been found to contain a large amount of solvents and other chemicals which have been used in their production. Buying a good quality concentrate is key.

The last thing that is important to note about dabs is that it’s much better to a llow professionals to manufacture them , instead of taking matters into your own hands and making your own. This is due to the high risks of handling solvents and equipment needed to create them. Therefore, while it may seem easy to create your own dabs, it’s much better to leave it to the pros, who have developed many beautiful dab rigs and vapes — you’ll be safer and you’ll most likely get better dabs in the end anyway.

Should You Try Dabbing?

Now that we’ve weighed the pros and cons, the question arises: should you try dabbing? The answer to this is ‘most definitely!’. Of course, it is always recommended to make sure that the dabbing rig is high quality and compatible with concentrate, and also that the dabs that you will be consuming are high quality. Once you’ve made sure that you’ll be safe, trying dabs can definitely be worth it! You’ll get tasty and clean vapor packed with all the most coveted goodies — so what’s not to love?!

It’s growing in popularity every day, and it’s one of the top preferred methods of consuming concentrates out there. Does dabbing culture confuse you? ]]>