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As soon as it starts creating vapor, slowly inhale. After ten seconds of max heat, it automatically turns off to prevent overheating. You will know this because the light starts blinking. Cleaning The DipStick: The cleaning that comes with this portable dab vaporizer is extremely easy.

With the cleaning requiring disassembling, ease was definitely in mind when thinking of the vaper. First remove the mouthpiece which will show the airway and then unscrew the tip. Remove the reclaim chamber screw and the reclaim chamber itself, which should show the other side of the airway. Take all the pieces and soak it in alcohol for a bit then clean it thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you do not run any water into The DipStick itself. 24 Best Geek Subscription Boxes (For Gamers and Nerds Alike) Whether if you’re looking for some great themed products such as comics, t-shirts, mugs, game downloads, collectibles and so much more from Marvel, Star Wars, Nintendo, anime, Harry Potter, or any of your favorite “geeky” brands, these monthly geek boxes are just what you need! Plus, you’ll even discover some pretty great nerd box coupons that can help you save a bunch of money on your first box. So with that being said, it’s time to embrace your inner geek, gamer, and nerd!

Here are the best Geek subscription boxes that gamers, nerds, and fanboys (and fangirls) alike must try this month. What you get : In every Loot Crate, you’ll get a curated collection of awesome items like wearables, t shirts, comics, collectables, and so much more from the best geek franchise delivered straight to your door. What you get : Receive 4 to 6 officially licensed and excluded Harry Potter and Fantastic Beats gear, collectibles, and apparel. To get started, just choose your House and select a t-shirt size. This is by far the best Harry Potter subscription box out there! What you get : With the official Minecraft subscription box, you’ll get themed chests inspired by a unique Minecraft biome. Inside each chest, you’ll find exclusive Minecraft merch, a full-color t-shirt, collectibles, toys, and so much more. What you get : In every Super Geek Box, you’ll get 6-8 awesome themed items that range from Marvel and Mario to Star Wars and Zelda. Coupon / Buy Now : Use the code SUPER to save $3 on your first month here. What you get: With Loot Gaming, you’ll get 4-6 licensed and exclusive collectibles and gear from the gaming universe. What you get : With Loot Gaming, you’ll get 4-6 licensed and exclusive collectibles and gear from the best anime and manga series. What you get : When you join Loot Wear, you’ll get the option to subscribe to 5 different themed apparel options: undies, socks, tees, wearables, and women’s. This is a great apparel subscription for both men and women! What you get : When you join Teeblox, you’ll receive graphic tees featuring some awesome fandoms from partners such as Disney, Star Wars, Nintendo, Harry Potter, MTV, and more. What you get : In every Pop in a Box, you’ll get vinyl Pop every month. Plus, you even have the option to get anything from 3, 6, and 12 Pops. Coupon / Buy Now : Click HERE to join Pop in a Box. What you get : With Geek Fuel, you’ll get a mystery box filled with 5-8 items including comics, collectibles, toys, coupons, and everyday essential items, all of which are themed around something weekly like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, etc. Coupon / Buy Now : Get $3 off your first Geek Fuel Box HERE. What it costs : $19.99 a month with free shipping in the U.S. What you get : With ZBOX, you’ll get a monthly themed box of 4-7 items from your favorite films, tv shows, and gaming franchises as well as an exclusive t-shirt. What you get : Get exclusive Nickelodeon products that you can’t find anywhere else delivered straight to your door every month. From Hey Arnold and Rocko to Angry Beavers, Wild Thornberries and more, you’ll get $100 worth of old-school Nick products. This is a great box for you or someone that you love that had Nickelodeon be an integral part of their childhood. What you get : When you join My Geek Box, you’ll get 5-7 handpicked geeky surprises delivered every month. This is one of the best monthly box bargains because it’ll only cost you less than $10 a month.

What you get : Every month, you’ll get a magical subscription box filled with awesome products from Disney-inspired shops from Instagram and beyond. Coupon / Buy Now : Use the code URBAN20 to save 20% HERE. What’s inside : Get a mystery mix of items for diehard horror fans delivered straight to your chamber door every month.

Every frightening crate contains 4 horror collectibles along with a t-shirt. What you get : In every box, you’ll get 10-12 handpicked Japanese kawaii items delivered straight to your door every month. What you get : In every ComicBoxer box you’ll get 5 of the hottest comic books from cool companies like DC, Marvel, Image, and more. By far one of the coolest monthly book subscriptions out there today. What you get : When you join Brick Loot, you’ll get awesome Lego products delivered to your door every month.


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