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Do not add additional fertilizer when transplanting. No to Pesticides: You will want to avoid combining Superthrive with pesticides since they serve contradictory purposes. Check out our Many Uses page to for advice and instructions for your plants! While Superthrive is natural and non-toxic, it cannot be certified as organic. In order to label a product as organic, all ingredients must follow OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) guidelines.

Along with many garden products, children should only use Superthrive with adult supervision. Superthrive could cause minor eye or skin irritation. Kids should wear gloves and be careful not to splash their eyes. Children and pets can safely play in an area treated with Superthrive. Superthrive is non-toxic, but you will want to drink fluids to flush the system. Superthrive should be stored out of direct sunlight. Superthrive is best used within two years of purchase. Can I save my leftover mixture of Superthrive and water? We suggest that you use any mixtures within 24 hours. Why is it sometimes hard to open my bottle of Superthrive?

Droplets of Superthrive on the inside of the cap can dry and make the cap difficult to open. In most cases, turning it upside down and tapping it against the floor or running it under water will loosen the residue. Wiping the inside of the cap after each use should help prevent this problem. Can I use Superthrive as a soak for my cuttings and seeds? Dipping cuttings and seeds is best rather than soaking. In snow country, use before the first snowfall to nourish bulbs and trees as they hibernate. Superthrive is available from your neighborhood nurseries, garden centers, hydroponic suppliers and local big box stores. We are regularly adding locations to our Store Locator. If you have a favorite garden center you want us to add, please contact us! How Can I Become an Authorized Superthrive Reseller? Easy protection of your XMAX Starry 3.0 preserving full functionality. The Ryot Removable Pouch is a perfect option for transporting herbs, smoking paraphernalia and vaping. A beautifully handcrafted wood case to keep your O.penVape pen in. A protective travel sleeve for your Storm Vaporizer Pen. This beautiful, versatile storage box for your VapCap holds space for your VapCap, as well. An original carrying case for the Firefly 2 vaporizer. The Around-Towner is an amazing medium-sized duffle bag by Revelry. The soft case offers protection for your MIQRO and even has some room left for. This silicone sleeve will protect your G Pen Elite vaporizer. Carry your Arizer Go (and more) on your belt with this clever case. This original Arizer soft-shell case is perfect for taking your Arizer Air or Arizer Solo. The Arizer Air Belt-Clip Carry Case holds your Arizer Air and two batteries or aroma. If your Arizer Air II ever needs transporting this hard-shell case is a perfect match. Canvas carrying case lets you pack your DaVinci IQ or IQ2 and plenty more. A bag with drawstring for storing your PCKT One Plus and cartridges in one place. A stylish and compact carry case for the Storm vaporizer.

The Continental is the largest bag in the Revelry collection.

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