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1 gram of AAA+ grade cannabis pre-rolled in to a premium blunt wrap for $18. Each tube contains a small boveda pack to ensure freshness.

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26 reviews for Blunts (Pre-Rolled Co.)

Luke – November 14, 2020

Love adding these to an order, good stocking stuffers to add to friends gifts too always nice to suprise the smoker tokers with a little something this time of year

AnAbsoluteAlien – November 7, 2020

Got the crystal coma. Blunt smoked perfectly and was considerably strong. Veteran toker and I put it out half way. Couldn’t be happier with this product!

alxpha – November 5, 2020

Picked up an order of the BlackBerry Kush. Solid roll, smokes and burns slow. Perfect for those that like smoking blunts but are on the go. A bit pricey but worth it.

Trapp – October 3, 2020

I had the crystal coma one ,,I gave it to my girlfriends father , he said it last him almost 2 days , like he doubted the blunt a few times before if was gone.lasted a few sessions it was that strong he said .. so for him to say that its strong , its definitely strong and hes been smoking over 45 years.

Jake – September 27, 2020

I bought the Platinum Blackberry, it had a sweet smell to the wrap, and the bud inside was perfectly rolled inside, i got it for my birthday, smoked it with the boys, and it lasted a half an hour still with 3 tokers hoggin back on her lol

Big Red – September 22, 2020

Ordered the mint gelato. Am I impressed! Very smooth and a great high. A little expensive but a very nice treat. Will definitely add one to the next order.

Eatmyswiss – September 13, 2020

Nice little cone taste and high is good got the mint gelato great strain to share on a special night around bbq and fire. Little expensive but its worth it went on special

ABDude – August 24, 2020

Got the Sour Tangie, this was my first ever blunt and it was amazing! Definitely a nice change once in a while ill probably throw one in all my orders from now on 😀

Zeldafan – August 24, 2020

El Jefe blunt was by far the best I’ve ever had. Left me laying down on the deck, feeling the sun and wind pass over me. I’ll definitely be reordering this awesome pre rolled blunt

eelyahh – August 20, 2020

I ordered this for going to the cottage .. My sister and I smoked half of this and we were so stoned. Smoked really smooth and the buzz lasted forever . We ordered two more after it was so good!

Complicated1316 – August 15, 2020

The Gelato mint is a nice smoke and was not harsh. One blunt can last me 3-5 different times as I find them strong. They burn nice and comes in a handy plastic container. Will purchase again

Dxxo – August 10, 2020

Got the gelato mint one it was perfect the high was good if you just wanna go home after a long day and smoke & feel relaxed this is perfect thanks Bubmail

Michael – July 22, 2020

I have tried the Silverback Gorilla, El Jefe, and Mint Gelato varieties. All three have been exceptional smoking experiences. The tastes are all nicely accented by roll itself. Pleasant aromas. And a very smooth smoke.

Grandpeppers – July 21, 2020

Solid smoke. Excellent taste. Big fan of the mint gelato. Fairly powerful product with a beautiful burn and high. Only complaint is the filter is pretty massive and it can be a bit tricky to tell where it starts. Still have purchased multiple times and enjoyed.

Puddles – July 20, 2020

Smoked the El Jefe, White Widow, silverback gorilla and the Gelato Mint. They were all excellent but the two that stood out were the SG and GM, both smooth tasty smokes and were well worth the premium price.
Thanks BM

mclovin – July 16, 2020

absolutely love them! they are a smooth smoke, they taste good and some have a really sweet fragrance to them. definite recommend to experienced smokers but invite beginners to try as well 🙂

Graziano – July 13, 2020

If you haven’t tried a pre-roll blunt, then you’re missing out… If you have, then we understand why we continue to add one to every order. Don’t hesitate and order one asap

C_BAZ – July 5, 2020

Solid Pre _Rolled Blunt.
One of the better options out there.
It was a little pricey ‘ but most would consider it ‘ worth it.
I recommend you try it ‘ at least one time to see if it’s your cup of ‘T

rEVOLution – July 5, 2020

These prerolled blunts are awesome. They burn perfectly, taste amazing, and have really impressed me.

Silverback Gorilla is a wonderful strain. I felt at peace, like a weight was lifted off of me. Then I entered a smooth and dreamy body stone. I would try this strain again and again.

NorthernONt-baby – June 28, 2020

This blunts reminded me of the good old days with backwoods and I must admit the taste was amazing and smoked clean as could ask for, I wouldn’t mind them if the price was a bit lower

GoanGreenleaf – June 26, 2020

Ordered these a while back great for parties and celebrations. Highly recommend monkey mints. And silver haze. Actually grab one of each. Variety is the spice of life.

Kingzeus – June 9, 2020

a must buy whenever u see these come out online they are trully a blessing in disguise . its a nice yummy blunt that tastes amazing and smoke amazing .5/5

gaz – June 5, 2020

ok this was a little bit of a miss for me , i did like that it was a real blunt which is harder to get than weed now/ more expensive than the weed. flower was a little dry

poohtz – May 8, 2020

Pretty nice blunts. They’re of s decent size and fairly tasty. Definitely a good deal when on sale. I was expecting a tobacco wrap, but it’s a hemp wrap. I got the death bubba, the rockstar, the gelato, the mint gelato

Dailytoker – May 6, 2020

Got 4 of these and tried 2 so far. Burn so nice and the taste is never harsh. Did not give me the nicotine high i get when using a pom pom but they do have the taste. Flowerpwr are amazing but the blunts.. idk i think they are arguably better.

Kal – May 4, 2020

These are amazing. Grabbed a few when they were on sale and loved them. Smelt great, smoked well and definitely did the trick. Will order more indica for sure.

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1 gram of AAA+ grade cannabis pre-rolled in to a premium blunt wrap for $18. Each tube contains a small boveda pack to ensure freshness.

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👸💧 Cinderella 99 (Dipped in Sauce + Rolled in Kief) Pre-Rolls

The THC content inside of this combination packs a big sucker punch ranging from 30-60%. The concentrate adds pleasant kicks and punches to your body on a cellular level.

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