pre roll tubes

Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes are the go to pre roll packaging option, especially if you are looking for something that is not only affordable, but also certified child resistant. Not all pre-roll tubes are made the same! Our CR pop-top tubes are proudly made here in the United States, so you can rest assured the quality and reliability is top-notch. Our doob tubes are available in a variety of colors and sizes, from the 116mm pre roll tube to smaller sizes like the 98mm pre roll tube or 90mm pop-top! If you are looking for something a little more premium for your pre roll tubes, we offer luxury plastic CR options, as well as glass pre-roll tubes – we even have child resistant glass tubes! At Custom Cones USA, we don’t just stop at the pre-roll tube, as we also offer custom labels, shrink sleeves, and even humidity packs to put inside your pre roll tubes! Bundle your pre roll tubes with cones, labels, or anything else for the deepest industry discounts!

Pre-Roll Tube Varieties

Pre-Roll Tubes

These pre-roll tubes are the industry standard! Very affordable and certified child resistant, you can’t go wrong with classic pre-roll tubes for single or double packs of pre-rolls. The 116mm pre roll tubes is the most popular, which will fit 1 gram or smaller pre-rolls. We also offer smaller sizes, like the 98mm or 90mm pre roll tube, which are perfect for half gram or mini “dogwalker” pre rolls. We stock these pre roll tubes in a variety of colors and with large orders, we can even custom make your pre roll tubes in your exact brand color !

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Glass pre roll tubes are a great way to package your luxury pre-rolls! If you are producing infused pre-rolls or making pre roll blunts, you want your pre roll packaging to reflect the quality of your product. When it comes to glass pre roll tubes, we have two main options – certified child resistant glass tubes or glass tubes sealed with a cork. If your state requires pre rolls be sealed in CR packaging, the glass tubes with CR cap may be your best bet. However, if you plan on utilizing a large child resistant pre roll packaging option or your local dispensaries use exit bags, using glass pre roll tubes with corks may be perfect for your brand .

Luxury Pre-Roll Tubes

In addition to our classic pre roll tubes or glass tubes, we also offer a couple different luxury options when it comes to pre roll tubes for packaging. We have our Super Seal pre roll tubes, which is not only CR, but also provides a tamper evident seal in one sealing motion. This is great for states that also require your pre-rolls to have a tamper evident seal. We also offer square pre roll tubes, which have a unique look and feature a rubber gasket seal to keep your pre-roll tubes smell proof and your pre-rolls extra fresh !

Child Resistant Pre-Rolled Tubes

Pre-roll tubes go by many names, like pop top tubes, doob tubes, joint tubes, and the list goes on! Despite the name, most pre roll tubes do the same thing, keep your pre-roll fresh, while also providing a child resistant barrier for compliance purposes. If you ever ordered bulk pre roll tubes, you know quality is important. Other companies produce cheap, overseas tubes that are crooked and not reliably child resistant. If your tubes are not straight, you may have issues labeling your pre roll tubes, which will make your pre-roll packaging look cheaper. Our pre roll tubes are proudly produced here in the USA with recyclable materials !

Pre-Roll Tube Varieties

Different Colors

We carry our pre-roll tubes in clear, white, black, gold, silver, green, red, and blue! Depending on your state, you may or may not be allowed to have see-through pre roll tubes, so you’ll want a solid color like white, black, gold, or silver. Brands love picking a pre-roll tube color that matches their brand or perhaps different tube colors to differentiate different strains! With large custom orders, we can even create a custom colored tube to perfectly match your brand colors.

Different Sizes

Since pre-rolls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, we carry our pre roll tubes in a wide array for sizes. The 116mm pre roll tube is designed to fit a 1-gram pre-roll or pre-rolled blunt, but if you are looking for smaller pre-roll tubes for your mini pre-rolls, we also offer the 98mm pre roll tube, which is perfect for ¾ gram pre-rolls and the 90mm pre-roll tube, which is perfect for half gram or mini pre-roll packs. We also have wide and extra wide pre-roll tubes, if you are looking for an affordable pre-roll multi pack option .

Custom Label Application

Your pre roll tube is not complete without a custom label! Not only can we print the custom labels for you, but we can also apply them automatically for you! Our pre roll tube labeling service is great for brands that are just starting out or brands that just starting to scale. If you do want to label your pre roll tubes yourself, we also sell the machines to help automate that process !

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Child-Resistant Glass Tubes

Glass pre roll tubes are a great way to package top-shelf flower, higher priced infused pre-rolls, or the ever popular pre-rolled blunts. If you are selling a $15 dollar pre-roll, you want to convey that sense of worth, so packaging that nice pre-roll in a cheap plastic tube just won’t do. A big concern used to be that glass pre roll tubes were not certified child resistant, but we are proud to offer certified CR glass tubes! We only carry our CR glass tubes in one size, but they are versatile enough to hold almost all size pre-rolls .

Glass Tube with Cork

If you do not need your pre-roll tubes to be child resistant, glass tubes with a cork seal are a really nice way for your pre-rolls to stand out. Consumers will love the natural look of the glass tube with cork cap and will reuse it as their one personal doob tube! We carry our glass tubes with corks in 2 main styles, which vary in diameter. Both pre roll tubes are 120mm long, but they vary in diameter, which means they will hold either thicker pre-rolls or just more pre-rolls for multi-packs. The narrower size glass tube has a 15.8mm opening diameter and the wider glass tube has a 17.7mm opening diameter. The wider glass tube is perfect for hand rolled blunts, cannagars, or even as a 2-3 pack of top-shelf pre-rolls .

Glass Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

Even though you can fit a couple pre-rolls in our glass pre-roll tubes with cork caps, you can only fit so many pre-rolls. If you are looking for a pre-roll multi-pack packaging option that is made from glass, we offer glass tubes with a wood/silicon cap, that can fit 5-7 pre-rolls! These pre roll tubes can be made in different heights for different sized pre-rolls and the wood cap color can be customized, as well as the rubber gasket seal, which keeps your pre-rolls extra fresh .

Luxury Pre-Roll Tubes

Square Pre-Roll Tubes

Square pre roll tubes are a great way to stand out on dispensary shelves with a unique packaging shape. Nearly all other pre roll tubes are round, so these square tubes are sure to differentiate your pre rolls from the competition. Not only do these square pre roll tubes look cool, but they actually feature a rubber gasket seal, which keeps terpenes in and oxygen out. Never worry about your customers buying a dry, stale pre roll ever again with these beautifully and thoughtfully designed pre roll tubes .

Super Seal Pre-Roll Tubes

Super Seal tubes stand out in a few ways: they feature a pressure seal to keep pre-rolls fresh, the cap has an automatic tamper evident seal, and they have a heavy-weight, luxury feel to them. Of course the pressure seal is great to keep your pre-roll fresh, but the automatic tamper evident seal will help optimize your pre roll production process. As you seal the cap on, a tamper evident band engages in one swift motion. No more buying and applying tamper evident shrink bands by hand with the Super Seal pre roll tubes .

Wide and Extra Wide Pre-Roll Tubes

If you are looking for a pre roll tube option for larger pre roll multipacks, we carry wide and extra wide pre roll tubes. Standard pre roll tubes are used to hold 1-2 pre-rolls, but the wide tube can hold 3-5 pre rolls and the extra wide can accommodate 5-7 pre-rolls. Pre-roll multi packs are exploding in popularity, so these CR wide and extra wide pre roll tubes are a fast and easy way to get started .

Pre-Roll Tube Labels, Shrink Sleeves, and Display Boxes

There are so many ways to brand your pre roll tubes and we are here to help every step of the way! We offer custom printed labels, custom printed shrink sleeves, tamper evident bands, and even the labeling and heat shrink machines. Not only do we sell the machines, but if you want us to label the tubes for you, we have an automated pre-roll tube labeling service. Once you’ve got your pre roll tube branded, you’ll want to make sure it stands out on dispensary shelves, so we offer custom printed POP display boxes!

Complete Pre-Roll Tube Branding Options

Custom Pre-Roll Tube Labels

If you are designing a modern pre-roll product, branding is extremely important. If you use the wrong label, it will start peeling off and look cheap or if you print your own labels, sometimes the color or texture feels of a sub-par quality. At Custom Cones USA, we use the highest quality materials and cut our labels on a tapered die-line, which ensures the label looks perfectly straight when applied to the pre-roll tube.

Pre-Roll Display Boxes

For most consumers, all the purchasing decisions happen inside the dispensary, that is why it is extremely important to make sure your pre rolls are seen. Besides the label, you can also package your pre roll tubes in a POP retail display box. These are designed to attract your customers eyes and spur impulse pre-roll purchases. Position these next to a cash register and watch the sales go up!

Pre-Roll Tube Shrink Sleeves

If you want to brand your pre-roll tubes and apply a tamper evident band in one motion, shrink sleeves are the way to go! Compared to custom printed labels, shrink sleeves cover the entire pre roll tube and the top end has a perforated seal, which acts as the tamper evident seal. Not only are shrink sleeves great for branding and adding a tamper seal, but they are also easy to apply with our shrink sleeve sealing machine.

We offer the widest selection of pre-roll tubes and customization options to make your pre-roll stand out. We are the pre-roll experts! ]]>