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To make cannabis stem edibles, you need a cannabis infusion. Cannabis stem butter or oil is a fantastic weed edible base that is easy to make. Fortunately, you can follow the same steps as it takes to create weed butter . Excitingly, weed stems are a lot cheaper than normal cannabis buds.

In addition, cannabis stem butter infuse faster than regular weed bud! To make cannabis stem butter/oil, follow the same process as the video above. Be sure to use at least 1/4 oz of stems to cut infusion time in half. Here is another simple way to infuse cannabis stem edibles. A Cannabis tincture is a great choice of weed extraction if you want to make weed edibles. Formulate your weed tincture by the use of alcohol. One of the main benefits of a tincture is that you can use it for a variety of weed edibles. Especially great for weed candies and cannabis infused drinks. You will to decarb your cannabis stems with high proof alcohol.

Consider taking it to the next level by making cannabis stem sugar. Similar to making weed stem butter, you need a lot of stems. Once you have a cannabis stem base like weed stem butter, oil, or tincture, you can start making weed infused edibles. Click here for the full guide on how to make weed edibles. Anyone who grows marijuana knows the feeling: You may get a good amount of bud at harvest time, but as you are cutting your plant you will toss much of it, like the leaves and the stems. But don’t fret: Cannabis is very versatile and you can put the stems to good use as we’ll show you in this article. Getting that little seed up to a healthy and lush plant can at times require a good amount of patience and effort and then the one or the other expense too. Having to throw away most of your precious plant at harvest time really seems like a huge waste and let’s be frank, it really is. You can actually save most plant material from your weed plant and put it to good use. Here are some tips of what you can do with your leftover cannabis stems. One excellent way to use your cannabis stems instead of tossing them is to use them to make tea. You can make cannabis tea by pouring boiling water over stems, that you sliced length-wise and then letting the mixture steep for 24 hours. To get a more potent cannabis tea, you first want to decarboxylate the stems, which is the process to activate the cannabinoids. To decarboxylate your cannabis plant material, what you do is that you "toast" your stems in your preheated oven at 100°C for about 15 minutes. Increase the temperature to 120°C and “bake” them for an additional 45 minutes. When done, take your decarboxylated stems out of the oven, let them cool off a bit and grind them, but don’t grind them up too fine, since this can make for a very bitter taste. Now put your stems into a small pot and pour just enough water to cover them and add some butter or coconut oil. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, pour the mixture through a coffee filter or cheese cloth to remove plant material from your tea. For a better taste, use the brew and mix it with your favourite tea: Just toss a teabag or two into the mix. If you want an alcohol-based cannabis tincture rather than a tea, you can use the stems to make a “Green Dragon” cannabis cocktail. To make a Green Dragon, fill a mason jar all the way up with some stems. Everclear or Vodka can be a good choice for this method.

Pour the alcohol into the jar with your stems and fill the jar all the way up. Store the mason jar with your mix in a dark and cool place such as a cupboard and allow the mixture to soak for at least one week.

The longer you allow the stem mix to soak, the more THC and flavour your cannabis cocktail will have. After you had the stems soaking, pour the mix through a filter or strainer to remove the remaining plant matter.


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