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A well known European lighter brand, Lotus makes a variety of lighters but specializes in more contemporary offerings that pay homage to sports cars and aviation. They are quite reasonable and range in price from around $50 to over $150. Overall, they make very attractive lighters that look more expensive than they really are. For the modern gentleman looking for a conversation piece at an inexpensive price, Lotus might be your best bet. When compared with your friends Zippos you’ll be a shoe-in for the win every time.

For an even less expensive lighter, it might be worth considering the Vertigo range by Lotus which has a very industrial appearance. Let’s be clear about one point: Your lighter is only as good as the fuel inside it. Butane is the only acceptable fuel that should ever be used for a cigar or pipe lighter, but that doesn’t mean all butane is the same. Xikar often compares their lighters to fighter jets, and there’s a reason we don’t fill up a fighter jet at the Piggly Wiggly. When it comes to quality butane, you want the purest fuel available with the lowest possible level of impurities. This means that just as you would avoid Zippo lighters, it’s wise to avoid their butane as well. The zippo which should not be used to light pipes or cigars. I only use Xikar Purofine as it has some of the lowest levels of impurities at just 15 parts per million.

By using a high-quality butane, I’m ensuring that my burner valves don’t get clogged and that my lighter doesn’t suffer from misfires. There’s no point in having a good quality lighter if it won’t light well. Click here to buy the same fuel I use to refill my lighters. Lighters are tools for cigar and pipe smokers that cannot be undersold. The fact is that they are vital to the enjoyment that a fine cigar can offer and using the wrong fuel, or a poor lighter can flat-out ruin the experience. What kind of lighter do you use and what fuel do you put in it? By Steven Johnson | Last Updated: February 13, 2020. Below are eight of the best pipe lighters found anywhere, chosen for their quality of assembly, power, and auxiliary features. A Buyer’s Guide will follow to help you narrow down the best choice for your individual preference. Dupont Gas Refill Ergonomics Ideal Weight 2 year warranty Check Price. Made in Japan Fuel: butane Chromium plated Retro Style Every pipe smoker should have it Check Price. Made in Japan Fuel: butane Made of steel, aluminum & brass 2-year warranty Check Price. Made in USA Lifetime Fuel: Zippo premium lighter fluid (sold separately) Wind resistance : lower than standard Zippo lighter It just works! Flame Size Adjuster Multi-tool 3-in-1 Fuel: butane Check Price. As experienced pipe smokers can attest to, the quality of the smoking experience is dependent upon the quality of the equipment . In other words, poorly designed pipes will make it hard to draw smoke and keep a light, and the negative byproducts of tasteless or bitter tobacco go without saying. However, many pipe smokers—some of whom have been enjoying tobacco for a number of years—are unaware of the perks, benefits, and advantages of investing in a specially designed pipe lighter. Today’s top pipe lighters make it easier to light pipes and assure that they stay lit . What’s more is that these pipe lighters are affordable and built to last for years down the road. The 8 best pipe lighters on the market are reviewed and analyzed here, and by taking a look at this information, tobacco enthusiasts can assure that their pipe lighting is as easy as possible and that their smoking experiences are as pleasant as possible. Let’s see what makes eight of today’s top pipe lighters so special. For world-class, state-of-the-art quality, look no further than S.T. Crafted to suit the needs of veteran smokers while also being simple to use for the sake of new tobacco fans, the Ligne 8 is made from the finest materials around.

The lighter’s design emphasizes both lightness and ease of transport, and as a result, it’s a full 30 percent lighter than Ligne 2 models. Plus, at just over two inches tall, the Ligne 8’s small frame provides users with a surprisingly powerful flame. Thus, the best old-world design is seamlessly fused with the wonders of modern technology. Dupont aims to make internal mechanisms equally as fantastic as appearance characteristics, the Ligne 8’s unparalleled reliability is complemented by a durable body, an engraved logo, and a multilayer protective finish.

Because the Ligne 8 utilizes a dual-flame lighting style, it consumes a bit more fuel than the other listed lighters. However, it’s also capable of more quickly lighting pipes , and so the feature more than justifies the piece’s fuel consumption.


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