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I recommend playing this on grass or a similarly soft surface because there WILL be a lot of falls. This game is simple, but very difficult if you’re out of shape. Inhale the weed smoke and hold it while you do push-ups. This is another fun game that is best-known as a drinking challenge.

You need the following to play: A deck of playing cards. Shuffle the deck and place all 52 cards in a circle around the bong. Each player chooses a card, and the one you pick determines what you do in that round. Here’s an example: Me : The person who draws a ‘3’ has to take a hit of the bong. Pass : You can choose to pass on a smoke if you draw a ‘6’. Rhyme : If you pick a ‘9’ you have to choose a word, and each member of the group has to try and pick a word that rhymes. For example, you may say ‘high,’and the next player could say ‘tie’ and so on. Anyone who fails to pick a rhyming word in time has to take a smoke.

Make a rule : You get to make a rule if you pick a ‘King.’Everyone must follow the rule until another King is drawn. The final entry is a variation of the game ‘Horse.’ It is a basketball game, and each player has to take a shot from the same place. If you fail to match your opponent’s success, you spell out a letter of the word ‘Blunts.’ As you can guess, you lose when you are the first to miss six shots. At that point, you have to decide whether you want the winner to get a smoke or the loser. Weed is always better when used in groups because you can come up with all manner of great games. Try some of the above, and you’ll understand what I mean. Once again, I have to reiterate my point about being sensible: Don’t choose the toughest games if the group contains several newcomers. Not only will they have no chance, but it is also likely that they will pass out or get sick if they overdo it! When you play these weed games using a shred of common sense, everyone will have a fantastic time and be eager to do it again as soon as possible. 14 Marijuana Smoking Games (You Can Play All Night Long) Last weekend I went to a Jersey Shore party. With several pitchers of Ron Ron Juice ready—a very strong mixed drink that tastes like a delicious fruit smoothie—my roommate suggested we play some drinking games. This idea fit the general “be drunk” theme of the party. But for my money, I’d have rather played a weed smoking game. The problem was: I didn’t know any good smoking games. The ones I did know called for a LOT of smoking, and most of the people we were with would have had a lot of trouble keeping up. And those that could keep up had already made it clear they didn’t want to get too high. So, in the interest of helping weed earn a recurring seat at the party table, I compiled a list of some of the most popular and easy-to-play marijuana smoking games. The next time I go to a party (or host my own), I’ll be prepared. Tips to Avoid Getting Too High During Your Next Weed Smoking Game. One of the reasons smoking games haven’t caught on is that most people are high enough after just one or two hits. And it’s hard to play a game that lasts less than one round. To keep everyone playing longer, the first step is to reduce the average hit you need to take in the game. Instead of a dab of high-potency cannabis concentrate, take a light draw from a one-hitter. The goal is to control the size and potency of every pull. It’s the equivalent of sipping from your beer instead of taking a shot: you’ll feel more in control, which means you can play longer.

I tend to buy strong weed for personal consumption. If I’m playing a smoking game, though, I want a strain with lower THC levels. It’s the same reason I use a light lager for beer pong. Sure, I’d prefer a strong IPA, but I couldn’t play as long if I did. Depending on the pace of the game you’re playing, you might be tempted to take an extra hit between turns. But remember that every hit you take outside of the game will bring you closer to that “too high” point in the party when you say, “No more for me, thanks. I’m good.” If you want to stay in the game longer, control your bowl. Consider who will be participating in the smoking game.

If you have a few beginners joining you, stick to simple games with less smoking.


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