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If you wish you may push a hollowed out piece of a pen into this hole as a mouth piece. Cut around the top hole of the lemon to the diameter in which you wish to have for packing herb. TIP: For best effect, after you carve up your lemon pipe, let it sit for an hour or two. Lemons are quite juicy which can prevent you smoking without getting your weed wet with juice. Letting the lemon sit for a little while can dry out the fruit for a better smoking experience.

A true mastermind worthy of some recognition for exploring the fruit smoking possibilities.В. Find yourself a proportionate, orange that is not too small. Drill or push a stick through the top of the orange to the midpoint of the fruite Drill or push a stick through the side of the fruit so that the two drilled out channels are interconnected on the inside of the fruit. Again you may shove a hollowed out pen piece in the side as a mouth piece Cut around the top hole of the orange to the diameter you wish to have for packing herb. TIP: Again for the best effect, after you carve up the orange feel free to let it sit for an hour or two to dry up a little bit. Cut the base of the carrot off and cut the carrot on the end according to how long you want the pipe to be Drill or drive a stick through the carrot the long way until the drill bit or stick comes out the other end.

If you so wish you can whittle the bowl end according to how big you want the bowl to be. Likewise you may whittle the mouthpiece to whatever shape you would like. Along the long way of the mango cut out a bowl on the mid section of the fruit. Drive a stick through the mango the long way until it makes the slightest connection with the bowl piece Pack the bowl and light up. We would be lost if it weren’t for their efforts. Find a cucumber with a considerable width Drive a stick or long drill bit through the cucumber the long way so that there is a channel all the way through the fruit Whittle out a bowl on top of the fruit. Alternatively you can simply make a chillum and pack herb into the hole on the other side of the fruit. Inspirational- a job well done by a master fruit smoking craftsman. When you're feeling like MacGyver and have no normal piece to smoke from, but plenty of fruit, pick an orange over the apple. When you cut holes in an apple, the cut is clean, meaning, there's a chance you'll end up getting ash in your mouth. If you use an orange, the fibers and pulp will stick out like tiny hairs and will catch 100% of the ash, and it'll give your smoke a nice citrus taste. It also clogs like crazy and soaks your weed in orange juice. Didn't use a "bowl" to separate the dry bud from the wet pulpy hole? If it clogged, you probably made the holes too small or are sucking too hard and pulling unburned weed through. would you perhaps supply the masses with a quick tutorial? To make the holes: you poke a hole through the top of the orange, where the stem is, about 3/4 through. you poke another hole somewhere along the equator of the orange about 1/2 way through. To make the bowl piece: i usually just find a pen that has a removable metal cap and flip that around to use as a bowl because of its perfect cone shape. It is also a great one hitter if you milk it right. if you dont have a metal pen cap, then cover the hole on top of the orange with a foil bowl, which isn't healthy, but sometimes its the only option. or you can just put the weed directly on top of the hole, but thats just silly. The orange is too close to your face to light the bowl properly. So take a hollowed pen tube from the bic and stick it in the hole where your mouth goes and now you have an extended mouthpiece and looks like an actual orange pipe. Again, I should point out that smoking with plastic and aluminum parts are not a good idea, but when you have nothing else. This beer comes from a single barrel from the upcoming blend of Duck Duck Gooze. To my surprise this was available on tap at Lost Abbey during the Red Poppy release. Had two tasters of this, it was the first beer I had as soon as I got there and the last one before I left. The beer is a vibrant, clear, golden color with very little foam, only a tiny ring.

The aroma was amazing, lots of pineapple, green apples, cheese, pears, and hints of caramel and toasted sweetness. Lemon peels began to show up as it warmed up as well as a butterscotch aroma in the background. Oak, vinous, and vinegar aromas in the back as well. Acidic upfront with flavors of lemon, pineapple, green apple, un-ripe cantaloupe, and a bit of lemony vinegar in the finish. A bit of caramel sweetness upfront, not as sour as the aroma led me to believe, it’s more acetic and tart with loads of apple and pear flavors. Very low carbonation and a tad syrupy in the finish, but still very easy to drink. Wish there was just a tad more carbonation and it would really make this one shine, but spot on for the style.

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