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Click Enter only if you are at least 18 years of age. Nothing is better than turning your favorite concentrate into a vapeable liquid on the go! Here at DabLabz, we'll provide all the tools you'll need to create and enjoy your extracts in no time at all. Our kit provides everything you need to transform your choice of concentrates into a portable vape cartridge.

Our products are all 100% natural and contain NO PEG, PG, VG or Artificial Terpenes ensuring that you have the highest quality liquid with our DabWizard solution to mix with your concentrate. Our proprietary formula has been tried and tested to have the best tasting flavor and won't separate over time like PEG and PG will do. DabLabz also has several other products to go along with our DabGenie kits such as our DabWizard 30ml Solution bottles and DabWands, which are battery pens that work perfectly with our cartridges. From the do-it-yourself connoisseur to large-scale commercial production, DabLabz has a solution for you. Adults only (18+) This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. Click Enter only if you are at least 18 years of age. Dab Genie Original is our pure solution with no additional flavoring so you can enjoy the full flavor of the concentrate of your choice. With Dab Genie, you can easily create your own custom concentrated extract vape cartridges! Using only Organic ingredients, we created DabLabz Wizard Solution to eliminate the use of PEG, PG, VG, or artificial terpenes to break down your concentrates to a vapable liquid.

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So, before we detail how to make one, let’s discuss the risks of this particular toking device. Did you know that scientists recently discovered that aluminum cans are capable of sucking cannabinoids out of infused beverages ? While a bummer, this news is actually only the latest reason to be wary of opting to use a soda can to get high. More alarmingly, soda cans today are coated with a polymer lining, which can be made of potentially harmful chemicals like BPA . Even if the jury is still technically out on the dangers of BPA, it stands to reason that inhaling any amount of it can’t possibly be good for you. Furthermore, soda cans are also painted with a different kind of plastic (thermoset), which offers further opportunity for unwanted chemical vapors to enter your lungs. Simply put: No one should be using soda can pipes as their first-choice smoking apparatus.

The argument can also be made that no one should be using soda cans as pipes in any context… but if you’ve already made up your mind, then here’s how to make the most out of that empty can of Mr. As mentioned above, a soda can pipe requires the following items: Empty soda can Screwdriver Sewing needle Tinfoil (optional) That’s it! If this list feels a bit like what MacGyver might ask for , that’s because you’re basically one cool suede jacket away from being the titular secret agent when it comes to soda pipe construction. Before you make your pipe, ensure the soda can you’ll be using is thoroughly cleaned (ideally with warm water) and given a chance to dry.


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