pocket bongs for sale

Pocket bongs for sale

The three piece bowling grinder is perfect table top as well, Just when you.

Chocolate Box Grinder

The three piece chocolate box grinder is an acrylic secret grinder to safe keep .

Poker Chip Grinder (Assorted Colours)

Now go all in with this three piece poker chip grinder which is the star of.

Black Leaf Rasta Bin Ashtray

Rasta Vibration . Simple and stylish to use, this bin ashtray in rasta co.

Black Snake Ceramic Bong

“I always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also k.

Rasta Mushroom Ceramic Bong

The rasta mushroom will surelly always remind you of the colorful visual tr.

Stoner Head Hookah

Now fill the room with the flavoured smoke with this dude sitting right bes.

Black Light Tube(Complete Fitting)

A portable option for black light lovers. This light is good enough to glow up y.

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Black and Brown Leaf Single Bubble Acrylic Bong

The very popular design in brown with marijuana leaf all around it. This bong delivers huge smoke capacity with the broad tube. Each bong comes with free screens. Size: 12 Inches .

Black And Green Double Bubble Leaf Acrylic Bong

A very popular and a very common design in acrylic bongs comes with a slight change in the bubble desgn. This bong comes with a double bubble and a traight tube. Size: 12 Inches .

Black And Green Single Bubble Leaf Acrylic Ice Bong

A very popular and a very common design. An acrylic bong is a best buddy of a regular bong user. An easy to use bong that comes with an ice twist allowing you to stack some ice cubes on it. The smoke . ]]>