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Twisty Glass Blunt is a one time payment and you will never have to purchase wraps again. Think about how much money you have spent on wraps in the last year, it adds up fast. $49.99 does seem steep but when you think about it long term it really is not that much money. Purchasing Twisty’s Glass Blunt would be equivalent to buying wraps twice a month for a whole year.

Long term it makes sense financially if you are spending a lot of money on wraps. As great as the glass blunt is every piece has its pros and cons. It would be unrealistic if a product was perfect and there was nothing that could be improved. Although financially it makes to purchase one instead of buying wraps all of the time $50 is still a pretty steep price. Joint papers are also very cheap so switching from blunts to joints would be a way to negate that cost. This product does provide a lot of value with its smooth hit but the $50 can seem like a steep price when it comes to purchasing a blunt essentially. One problem that this piece has is the ability for it to stay lit. It does not cherry as well as other pieces do and does not stay lit the entire time like a blunt wrap does. If you are hitting it rapidly by yourself it would stay lit but if you are not it most likely will need to be relit.

Smoking a Twisty Glass Blunt could cherry for a little while similar to how a bowl or bong would but would eventually need to be relit. Constantly lighting the blunt can be a hassle and make it feel like more of a smoking piece than a glass blunt. Twisty’s Glass Blunt has been compared to a glorified one-hitter several times. This is not necessarily a bad thing but makes it less appealing to blunt smokers. At the end of the day it is a piece and not a blunt. It has the same shape as a blunt but more qualities of a piece. It can be packed with grams of herb at a time but will still need to be relit every two or three hits. Twisty’s Glass Blunt needs to be cranked throughout the smoking process to push the weed to the front of the tube, stalling the smoking process again. This can deter stoners from trying such a product because of these comparisons but the reason this product is better is the quality of the hits you are getting. The technology that is used cools the smoke down and produces a cleaner hit compared to any blunt you will smoke. Overall Grade: B+ This piece is made of high quality materials and produces HIGH quality results. You can take huge rips that are much smoother than normal, fill the tube with much more weed than you can fill any single wrap, and never have to worry about locating a wrap again. We would highly recommend purchasing one of these pieces to add to your collection. They are safe to use and provide a unique smoking experience for any Stoner. The size options make this a great fit for all types of smokers. The quality also adds to the longevity of this piece, and overall, when compared to other glass blunts on the market, the Twisty Glass Blunt certainly stands its ground. The sleek design makes this a great travel pipe for any Stoner who is always on-the-go. If you are looking for a one-hitter that is a bit more in your price range, we understand. Check out some of our Top One-Hitters for some more affordable options! Looking for a great deal on the Twisty Glass Blunt or other glass blunts or one-hitters? At HelpingPot, we pride ourselves on becoming one of the top online headshops on the market, offering great deals on all sort of smoking gear including: You can also find great information on Product Reviews, Top 10 Lists, Gifts For Stoners, and more by checking out our Stoner blog. Or, give us a follow on Instagram for more dank memes, great deals on Stoner gear, and original content from our Stoner adventures. As always, thanks for reading, and have a Stoney Baloney day! Exclusive Nails in Central Park Plaza - Steamboat Springs, Colorado (hours, location) Address : 1835 Central Park Dr, Steamboat Springs, Colorado - CO 80487 (map) Coordinates : 40.462821, -106.820921.

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