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Some people prefer to use body heat to keep the temperature of the sample at the correct level. In our opinion, this is the riskiest because it requires you to attach the sample container to your body to keep it warm. People do tape the plastic bag or bottle between their legs but it is smart to keep an emergency hand warmer packet with you just in case.

No matter how you decide to warm up the synthetic urine you need to test the temperature before submission to ensure it falls in the acceptable range. [90-102 F] Ever heard that warm beer tastes like piss? Well, when it comes to drug testing, that’s exactly what you want: pee that feels, tastes, smells and has the same temperatures as natural urine from a human body should have. The only problem is that the moment urine leaves our body, it starts to cool down (unless you’re in Texas in a 120-degree heatwave). And the first thing the lab tech conducting a drug test of your urine is going to notice is ice-cold urine . Obviously, we need to learn how to keep urine warm for a drug test if we ever want to pass the lab tech’s temperature check. We’ll cover 3 best ways of how to keep the temperature of urine high enough to pass a drug test without problems. In the end, I’ll also give you some tips on how to smuggle warm clean urine or, even better, synthetic urine when that dreaded drug test comes along. The most recommended way to keep your pee warm is the #3 Method (see below). It’s also the most natural one and helps you bring the urine to the drug testing facility the easiest.

What Temperature Should Urine Have To Pass A Drug Test? Your urine sample should be warm enough for the lab tech to say ‘Hey, that just came out of a human being’ . Every lab trains their techs to detect odd urine temperature. Even the most untrained fool will notice if your urine sample is too hot or too cold . Too hot means that you’ve left the urine too long in the microwave and too cold means that you obviously didn’t give your own fresh urine (you used synthetic urine, friend’s urine or your own refrigerated urine you’ve been keeping next to milk and eggs for just such an occurrence). Too hot urine is usually the result of microwaving urine for too long. The urine sample is not valid because it’s not of adequate temperature. So before we go over the methods of how to keep urine warm enough for a drug test, let’s answer what should that ideal urine temperature be. In short, the most optimal temperature of a urine drug test sample is 90-102 degrees Fahrenheit . That’s not too cold, not too hot, it feels just right and natural. Alright, here are the best 3 methods of how to prevent the temperature of your urine to fall out of the optimum interval prior to a drug test: #1 Method: Use Hand Warmers (The Most Questionable One) I always love how easy keeping urine sounds when somebody brings out the hand warmers. It’ll keep urine nice and warm.” Well, will it though? Hard warmers do keep your pee warm, are cheap and do seem like they can handle the task. They can but you’re really taking a gamble if you think using hand warmers to keep the urine was is a fool-proof system. The problem that you will always have with hand warmers is that you can never know if the urine that you’re warming up is too hot . I mean, how many times have you physically touched your pee with your hand just to casually try out how that warmth feels? Can you tell the difference between 100 F urine and 110 F urine? The lab techs are specially trained to notice that difference but they’re handling cups full of pee all day long. You can say that using hand warmers is the best way to keep urine warm but the reality is that if you manage to pass the urine as geniuine it’s not because you’ve nailed down the keeping-pee-warm system. And when it comes to passing a drug test, you really don’t want to be pressing your luck. It’s also the most obvious trick to keep your urine warm and the labs bloody well know it. #2 Method: Just Microwave It For 10 Minutes (Or Maybe Just Don’t?) Here’s how this scenario of getting your urine up to the temperature and keeping it warm enough to pass a drug test goes: Put synthetic urine or your urine in the microwave for 10 seconds . Take it out and present it as urine drug sample in less than 1 hour (or it’ll get too cold). Whenever I come across this urine warming method, I have so many questions. Like what should the power setting of the microwave be? Or what if there is a waiting line in the lab and it takes more than 1 hours before I can turn in my pee?

How do I actually know that the urine is still is the 90-102F temperature zone? Look at all these microwave settings: As far as I can see it, the microwave is a useful way to heat up the urine but as far as keeping urine warm is concerned, I don’t see the point. You can’t really tell if the urine you have on you is warm enough.

The only thing you have racing in your mind is that you have to be in there proving this urine you’re carrying around in under an hour. That’s quite stressful and the last thing you want lab people to read of your face is the sense of sheer panic because of the ticking time bomb.


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