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Customer Questions: Repair Pipe Holes with Putty or Patches

Question: I have a drain trap with a small hole and a slow leak of water. I have your PIG Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty, but I’m wondering if there is another product that could work just as well, if not better.

Answer: Two options for patching the hole in your drain trap are the Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty, as you mentioned, and the Deluxe Pipe Patch Kit. Whether you use putty or a pipe patch will depend on how permanent you want to the solution to be.

Putty is often used as a permanent solution. If you apply putty and then want to remove it, you would have to sand it down or replace the pipe.

Putty best adheres to surfaces that are clean and dry. You can use the Epoxy Putty for Wet Surfaces if you can’t get the leak in your drain trap to stop.

An advantage of using putty is that it molds to any shape of pipe you have, even where the pipe curves or connects to a joint.

Unlike putty, the pipe patch kit is more of an instant and temporary repair until you can replace the pipe. The kit comes with a variety of clamps for different sized pipes. And once you remove a clamp for a more permanent fix, it’s reusable.

Before using a pipe patch, first identify the liquid running through the drain or pipe and ensure it is compatible with the stainless steel clamps and neoprene patch.

Holes in your pipe or drain can cause unwanted leakage. Learn about temporary and permanent solutions for repairing these holes.