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Selmers provides solutions for all kinds of pipe blasting, pipe coating and pip e handling requirements, always focusing on customer needs. We provide customers with real project assistance that starts at the conceptual design stage and this continues all the way until the startup and takeover of the equipment or plant.

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Selmers has been a trendsetter in the pipe coating industry for more than 50 years . We believe it is our responsibility to share our accumulated experience and know-how with the pipe coating industry through new technologies and continuous product and process development.

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Selmers has been serving customers with innovative solutions around the globe for more than 50 years. Searching for the best solutions requires dedication and experience in all levels of the organisation.

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Inner pipe blasting –

Pipe interiors are awkward to access, while demanding a high degree of surface cleanliness prior to coating. Clemco‘s pipe-blast tools combine total coverage of pipe interiors with precise and efficient performance. Clemco has devoted years to refining the technology of blasting and coating pipe interiors, and draws on this experience to deliver the highest-performing pipe tools available.

The perfect tools –

Pipes connect our world. Their applications are manifold: as transport piping in the energy sector, in the industrial sector, or as construction elements. Modern coatings protect pipes sustainably against corrosion, but exert high demands on the preparation of the substrate.

Clemco internal pipe blasting equipment quickly, effectively and reliably removes corrosion, dust and other residue from inaccessible areas inside piping. The operation is simple: a blast hose is fitted with a pipe tool, and the tool is withdrawn from one end of the pipe to the other. Clemco‘s proprietary blast technology applies an even, 360° blasting stream to the inner wall, leaving a consistent blast pattern ready for any coating.

Selecting the proper pipe tool requires sizing the pipe accurately. Smaller inner pipe diameters up to 300 mm are best treated with a Holloblast or Holloblast jr tool, which utilize a deflection tip to create the 360° blast pattern. For pipes with inner dimensions greater than 304 mm, Clemco recommends a Spinblast tool, which uses a rotating blast head to deliver a high-impact, consistent blast finish. Clemco pipe tools can be used on pipe interiors up to 1500 mm in diameter.

The rotating blast head is actuated by either a compressed air inlet or a separate air motor. When blasting larger diameter pipes, or blasting a large volume of pipe, Clemco recommends using an air motor powered pipe tool, which delivers the perfect balance between reliable precision, durability and high-volume blasting.

System components

All internal pipe tools are sold with centering equipment, which is easily adjustable to the appropriate internal dimensions to adjust to the relevant pipe dimensions.

Internal pipe coating –

The Clemco Orbiter applies a wide range of coating types easily and evenly to the inner diameter of piping, following the blast process. Set at one end of the pipe and returned along its length, the Orbiter applies a consistent layer of paint through a rotating atomizing nozzle, assuring even coating.

The Orbiter is compatible with any available airless pump and comes in the following two sizes:

Orbiter I: for pipe diameters 90 – 180 mm
Orbiter III: for pipe diameters 180 – 950 mm

The Orbiter is centered automatically at the push of a button via a pneumatically-controlled centering carriage. All standard airless coatings can be used with the Orbiter. The thickness of an applied coating is determined by the coating’s viscosity, nozzle size and the travel speed along the pipe. Please refer to information given by the coating manufacturer for further detail.

Endless coating variations

  • Priming
  • Lacquer
  • Protective coating

Inner pipe blast tools are the perfect technology for pipe blasting and coating, especially for removing corrosion, dust and other residues in the inside of the pipe. With different 360° blast heads it is possible to blast pipes up to Ø1500mm. Contact us today for your project and success!