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Pinnacle Pro Review:

The Pinnacle Vaporizer is a battery-operated oil and dry herb vaporizer designed for use on the go. The appealing design of the vaporizer includes intuitive controls that greatly simplify use to help ensure the best vapor quality possible. When used properly, Pinnacle Vaporizer device can help you enjoy a satisfying vape of your favorite dry herb blends, tobacco, oils or aromatherapy.

Flexible Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer:

One of the best portable vaporizers for many different lifestyles that attracts many consumers is the Pinnacle Pro. It’s not a high profile unit that makes a statement, it is actually pretty discreet. In many cases, consumers want something that is rather quiet and does not draw attention.

It looks like a rather hefty vape pen, standing 5 inches tall. It’s not heavy and fits nicely in your hand. Its simplicity is very popular, there is only one button that operates everything, how great is that!? It has 5 LEDs that indicate the temperature level, and its startup time is approximately one minute.

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Pinnacle Pro Heating Levels:

Be careful when regulating the heating levels, because the unit has a range from 370°F to 470°F. It may be deceiving when the unit first starts heating up, so be careful not to set the temperature up too high! Vapor that is way too hot is not going to be a very pleasant experience, so use caution and be patient.

Thanks to its range of temperatures, this unit handles hash, hash oil, and also offers a cartridge for cannabis flowers and concentrates. Again, be careful with your heat settings, because you will end up irritating your throat. Unlike some vaporizers, the heater in the Pinnacle Vaporizer is only an inch from your mouth. The vapor can become very hot, so inhale gently.

Get Creative:

The Pinnacle Pro is designed to work really well with water pipes as well. It will also work with that vaporizer bubbler you probably have sitting in the corner, you’ll just have to get a little creative!

The portable options vary between cannabis flowers and hash oils, or running it through a water pipe. The pocket units offer a great vapor, but those who are sensitive to higher heat might not want to go this route. It can be too harsh.

If you are interested in this portable vaporizer, it retails for approximately $209. This is a good price for this flexible device.

Vaporizer Overall:

It’s very well made, and offers various options that allow you to personalize it to your liking. It’s a simple design, and offers a discreet vaporizer appearance. Across the board, the Pinnacle Pro is well worth the price tag.

How to Use Pinnacle Vaporizer

  1. Grind your material until it is very fine
  2. Take the cap off of the chamber
  3. Load the chamber (loosely packing it)
  4. Put the chamber cap back in place
  5. Press the power button once to turn it on and enter Low Heat mode
  6. If you desire High heat mode, press the button again
  7. The indicator light will begin to flash white for low and orange for high
  8. Wait until the indicator light is shining solid white or orange without flashing
  9. Draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy vaping
  10. When finished, hold the power button down for 2 seconds to turn it off.
  11. The Pinnacle Vaporizer is pre-programmed to turn off after 10 minutes.

How to Charge Pinnacle Vaporizer

The Pinnacle Vaporizer has a rechargeable battery for your convenience. You will know that it is time to charge the device when you see the indicator light in an alternating blue and colored flash pattern. When the battery becomes too low, the device will shut down.

  1. Plug the power supply into the power jack.
  2. You will see a blue light begin to flash. This means that the device is charging.
  3. Allow the device to charge for up to 3 hours to fully replenish the battery.
  4. Do not use the Pinnacle Vaporizer while charging.
  5. When the blue light is shining steadily with no flashing, the battery is fully charged.

How to Clean and Maintain the Pinnacle Vaporizer

Cleaning Pinnacle Vaporizer after every use:

  1. Take off the mouth piece
  2. Insert the utility tool through the top to push out the screen
  3. Clean the screen with rubbing alcohol and then rinse with hot water
  4. Take the chamber off of the vaporizer
  5. Utilize the utility tool and cleaning brush to remove any debris
  6. Clean the inside of the chamber with rubbing alcohol, and then rinse with water
  7. Never submerge the Pinnacle Vaporizer in water during cleaning

Pinnacle Vaporizer consists of following parts and features:

  • Top mouthpiece for inhaling
  • Chamber for filling with your blends
  • Chamber cap for closing the chamber
  • Removable screen for capturing particles
  • Heating element
  • Power button for turning the device on and off
  • Indicator light for monitoring performance
  • Power jack for charging

Includes the following accessories:

  • 2 Mouthpieces
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Utility Tool

Important Pinnacle Vaporizer Safety Information

To keep yourself from becoming burned and to protect your personal property, always pay attention and follow rules.

Adhere to these safety guidelines are:

  1. Store any vaporizer away from children
  2. Do not use or store your Pinnacle Vaporizer in temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Do not try to disassemble the body of the Pinnacle Vaporizer
  4. Only the chamber is meant to come off
  5. Never puncture the vaporizer

If you need any help using the Pinnacle Vaporizer or need advice about how to clean it, please contact us for assistance. We’ll be glad to help you!

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Pinnacle Pro

Pinnacle Pro is a wax, oil, and herbal vaporizer from VaporBLUNT. It is the next iteration of their classic portable device. The vaporizer comes with five preset temperatures and utilizes a “bullet” system made of titanium, allowing easy pre-fill and prevent cross-contamination. It features removable bowls for different materials.


The Pinnacle Pro is second in the line after the Pinnacle vaporizer from the company, Vaporblunt. The Pinnacle Pro stands out with a few features that will open your eyes to the possibilities that portable vaporizers hold. It boasts five different heat settings and a stunningly small profile. Its small size is even more impressive when you take into consideration that it can vaporize dry herbs and concentrates.

Portable Punch
The central aspect of the Pinnacle that Vaporblunt set out to improve is the heating chamber. They seem to have cracked that code because the heat up time for this device is just under 90 seconds. It also features an automatic shut-off function that will ensure you don’t burn up the goods inside of the Pinnacle Pro.

Energy Saver
This device comes from a lithium-ion battery that gets a surprising amount of vaporizing power from such a small enclosure. However, this leads to a drawback, as the battery will only last about 50 minutes at a full charge, which is long enough for at least 4-5 sessions. The simple device is easy to use, and it only houses one button for all the functions. Plus, it does not waste any power on an OLED screen, at least.

Bullet for my Vaporizer
The unique part of the Pinnacle Pro is the “bullet-style” bowls that come with it. Each one is removable and comes with a screen on the bottom. It looks very similar to a shell casing for a 9mm pistol, thus the bullet moniker. They tend to get a little hot, but it makes unloading your device a new experience that will end up saving you some time. It even comes with two bullets to make sure you always have some backup.

All good combined
The Pinnacle Pro is an excellent product that will always get you where you want to go. It has a ceramic heating element and a lithium-ion battery. As long as a device can promise that, it has a good chance of being a decent vaporizer. Ease-of-use stands out for the Pinnacle Pro, and cleaning is a breeze thanks to the modular bullet system. Vaporblunt has combined all of that with a nichrome heating element, as well, giving the Pinnacle Pro the specs to stand up to any other device in the portable vaporizing market.

Glass Hydrotube (not included)
Vaporblunt uses a convection engine with the Pinnacle Pro, and that usually results in some pretty flavorful vapor. However, it can also mean that the vapor comes out a little hotter than desirable. To combat this issue, Vaporblunt also sells its own Glass Hydrotube kits together with the vaporizer. Otherwise, you can get the Pinnacle Pro DLX, which is the extended version of this vaporizer together with the water attachment. The Hydrotube is a specially designed attachment for the Pinnacle Pro that will function just like a water pipe, cooling and refreshing your vapor.

Pinnacle Pro Video

Take note of the unique design of the bullets that come included with your new Pinnacle Pro.

Pinnacle Pro is a wax, oil, and herbal vaporizer from VaporBLUNT. It is the next iteration of their classic portable device. The vaporizer comes with five preset temperatures and utilizes a "bullet" system made of titanium, allowing easy pre-fill and prevent cross-contamination. It features removable bowls for different materials. ]]>