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Earning features from BlocBoy JB and Lil Gnar, the album made a splash with off the wall bangers, such as "Countin' Up" and "Rage". The BORG adjustable joist hanger system is a proven, fast track deck forming system designed to save contractors considerable time and money while delivering high-quality, precision results. Integrating BORG Hangers into your next project will reduce much of the material, labor, equipment, and time required by traditional elevated concrete slab forming methods. Our system eliminates sacrificial hardware and cleanup, tears down faster, and delivers greater precision than any other deck forming method used for commercial construction.

And — best of all — BORG Hangers are completely reusable. The BORG name comes with a 40 year history of quality and innovation. Our hangers have been successfully used for decades in a wide variety of deck forming projects. The BORG adjustable joist hanger system has proven itself as a versatile deck forming solution that you can trust. If you’re ready to save time, money, and the hassle of traditional forming methods, give us a call today! The BORG adjustable joist hanger system can be implemented in nearly any elevated concrete slab forming project. It is applicable to most form configurations, including high haunch conditions and reshoring projects. Our system is ideal for repetitious slab forming in: Bridges Tunnels Parking ramps Commercial buildings New & rehab construction Box culverts Elevator shaft caps Waste water containments Grain transfer pits and more! The BORG adjustable joist hanger system accommodates all common joist sizes. The system easily adapts to varying haunch conditions.

By varying joists sizes and spacing, spans of exceptional depth and width can be formed without costly, time consuming undershoring. BORG adjustable joist hanger components are lightweight and compact — no small nuts, bolts, or other easily lost parts. When you use the BORG system, you can focus on advancing your project, rather than worrying about your inventory of forming materials. No special tools or training are required to use the BORG Hanger system, and setup is much faster than other forming techniques. Additionally, far less lumber is required than with conventional decking systems. To prepare a concrete deck form using the BORG Hanger system, users typically space BORG Hangers on 2′ centers across concrete or steel beams. Wooden joists, up to 13′ long, are inserted into the adjustable hangers for the length of the deck. Joist dimensions of 2″ × 6″ through 2″ × 12″ are supported. The hangers are adjusted to grade and plywood is nailed on top of the joists to complete the form. To remove the hangers, the adjustable lower unit loosens via the built-in threaded rod and slides out. Hangers and wood joists are immediately available for reuse. The hits off this thing will saw your brain into six. Add to wish list or Add To Cart Product Out Of Stock. Chongz are always bringing out pristinely designed bongs, the Chainsaw Double Honey Comb is no exception to that. She features not one, but two honey comb perculators in a really satisfying green tint to filter your big-ass hits, THEN, the smoke will filter through the ice cubes that fit comfortably in the ice trap; sub-zero triple filtered hits are a favourite amongst us bong enthusiasts! The stem bends around into the bottom of the bong in a dimension-defying manner and included is a male glass bowl with a lift handle, very ideal for those that are sick of dropping their ash after a nice hit or burning their fingers from the lingering heat on the bowl. The green tint massively adds to the eye-candy of this bong, it just looks so right. This little beast is ready to go as soon as you take her out of the box, no extra parts needed; awesome if we may say so ourselves. Height: 300mm Base Width: 85mm Chamber and Neck Width: 30mm Gauge: 14.5mm Female Gauze: For steel we wou ld recommend the 10mm. For glass a 5mm (Extra small) Sea Mine Gauze is a perfect fit. Honeycomb bongs are one of the most popular types of bongs on the market. This is because the honeycomb perc allows for maximum filtration with little or no drag. The honeycomb perc water pipes contain a type of disk perc, that looks like a honeycomb.

It has a lot more diffusion than a standard perc because it contains dozens of small holes that further diffuse and divide the smoke that passes through them. It's quite simple, the more holes the better the diffusion, honeycomb bongs are great because they have zero drag and great flavor. It is important the holes must be the correct size because large holes won't filter the smoke efficiently and small holes will create too much drag. Honeycomb Percolators are some of our best sellers!

Light up and enjoy three times the filtration and diffusion of honeycomb percolators with the 16" Triple Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube! Large Glass Crystal Diamond Shaped Paperweight Clear JEWEL Home Decor. item 1 Clear Crystal Diamond Shaped Paperweight Glass Gem Display Ornament Gift 3 Sizes - Clear Crystal Diamond Shaped Paperweight Glass Gem Display Ornament Gift 3 Sizes. item 2 60mm Clear Crystal Glass Cut Giant Diamond Jewel Paperweight Wedding Decoration - 60mm Clear Crystal Glass Cut Giant Diamond Jewel Paperweight Wedding Decoration. item 3 New Large Crystal Glass Paperweight Diamond Shape Gem 80mm Wedding Display Gift - New Large Crystal Glass Paperweight Diamond Shape Gem 80mm Wedding Display Gift.


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