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But its best feature is the fact that the item does not require a cord or batteries to operate. As such, you do not have to find a power source every time you need to grind your weed. A cool feature is also that this grinder is multi-purpose. If you wish, you can have the unit serve as a pepper and salt grinder as well. But honestly, you will want this grinder to break down your bud – it is very efficient.

If you need to grind weed in large amounts, whether it is for sale or just storage, then this commercial weed grinder is perfect for you. With the Waring Commercial WSG30 Electric Spice Grinder, you are bound to amass lots of ground weed in a very short time. This electric weed grinder has been designed with both looks and functionality in mind. The herb grinder is made from durable stainless steel. This gives its strength and ability to withstand constant use and wear and tear. Adding to this, the herb grinder is designed with a safety lid which ensures that the unit will not start before the lid is closed.

This safety is imperative given that the motor rotates the blades at 19,000 rpm. The beauty of owning this weed grinder is the fact that it sports a variety of settings to choose from. You can set the electric grinder to your preferred setting and get ground weed down to your specifications. You should note that given its high capabilities and features, you will have to part with a considerable amount of money. Nonetheless, it still will provide you with value for your money. iRSE Electric Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder. We have looked at stainless steel electric weed grinders that are huge. You can leave it lying on a table and visitors will not take notice of it as a weed grinder. This iRSE Electric Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder is one of the most inconspicuous grinders available on the market. As such, you are not limited to a single look and finish. This unit is battery powered and as such you will not have to deal with annoying cords. While the herb grinder does not feature the 4 AA-size batteries it needs to operate, they are readily available. Compared to other electric weed grinders, this unit comes with a ceramic blade instead of a metallic blade. It grinds the herb coarsely and finely depending on your preference. Overall, the unit is easy to use and comes with varying chopping speeds. These are made from different materials which include wood, plastic, and metal. Different types feature different compartments ranging from 2-4 chambers. Of all these herb grinder types, the 2-piece grinders are the most popular and most basic. In the 2-piece grinders, you basically put the herb to be ground and comes right out of the bottom side. Adding a 3rd piece to the herb grinder makes things slightly more interesting. 3-piece herb grinders feature a screen mesh which acts as a mesh collecting compartment for the fine herb pieces you grind. The 4th piece is a lid for the grinder’s top chamber. The different types of materials used to make the herb grinders result in different quality.

They also can last long provided you take great care of them. But even with utmost care, the teeth used to grind the herb are prone to breakage compared to the metal grinders which feature stronger teeth. That said; let’s get into electric herb grinders which are the new haze. Electric herb grinders have the same objective as the manual grinders, only without the additional grinding labor. Their ease of use is the reason why they have gained so much popularity in a very short time. The electric herb grinders are designed with a compartment in which you place the weed and another which contains the batteries and blades. Now, grinders, either manual or electric, the ultimate difference boils down to the results you want and the convenience of the grinding process.

A good herb crusher should save you money, effort and time.


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