piecemaker bong

Piecemaker bong

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PieceMaker™ UK is a the original creator of patent-pending, platinum-cured premium indestructible, yet flexible silicone pipes and accessories to "Blaze Your Own Trail" ™.

PieceMaker Kali Silicone Bong

The PieceMaker Kali silicone bong doesn’t require a delicate hand like larger glass rigs. Dropping this bong is no big deal.

PieceMaker Kali Silicone Bong
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PieceMaker – Kali: A Bong For At Home And On The Road

The PieceMaker Kali is a near-indestructible piece of smoking equipment designed to be both stylish and resilient. The compact size and toughness of this silicone bong make it an ideal travel companion as it’s easy to conceal and very hard to break. The piece has a height of 21.5cm and a base diameter of 8.9cm. Plus, the bong comes with a spill-proof cap that can be affixed during travel, allowing users to prepack the bowl before heading out.

The engineers behind the PieceMaker Kali wanted to create something that offers a smooth hit. They designed the downstem using PieceMaker’s Hex-TEK high perc technology, which results in far more bubbles, a more pleasant sound during inhalation, and a buttery-smooth hit. The bong also features a removable and replaceable downstem and stainless steel bowl, which greatly enhances the lifespan of the product.

The PieceMaker Kali silicone bong is compact, portable, and was designed to be almost impossible to break. Get yours at Zamnesia! ✅ ]]>