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Cabs are offered so that no one needs to drive while high, and the aforementioned medic is on hand, primarily to offer peace of mind to any nervous guests. “He has throat lozenges,” producer Brent Butler said dryly. “He has forestalled a number of very serious, almost show-stopping coughing fits.” “Getting Doug with High” has amassed more than almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube (the audience is predominantly male). Episodes frequently get 500,000 or more views, and a handful have received more than a million — numbers that would be considered respectable on some basic-cable late-night shows.

Some people turn the show down because they’re forbidden by network-TV contracts from using drugs in public.Some don’t want their kids or other family members to see them getting high. Some potential guests are simply worried they’ll become paranoid. Appearing on the show in September, Jack Black, who has laid off pot in recent years since having kids, warned Benson he might leave early if he started to spiral into “a bad trip.” Less than 15 minutes after taking his first hit off a vapor pen, obviously struggling with mounting anxiety, Black said his pre-arranged safe word (“cantaloupe”) — but then managed to hang on, if in an almost catatonic state, for the rest of the show. That episode has been watched roughly a million times. “He’s kind of a stoner icon, so I thought viewers might be pissed that he’s such a lightweight these days. But there has been little backlash, so now I say, ‘Bring on more lightweights!’” (The show’s commenters often pass strict judgment on whether Benson’s guests are getting high enough.) As marijuana laws continue to ease and use in the open becomes increasingly normalized, Benson and the show’s producers believe lining up celebrity guests will gradually get easier. (Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Seth Rogen are three of the most requested.) Kellison thinks the show could even end up on TV at some point: “If you look at something like [Comedy Central’s series] ‘Drunk History,’ where people are getting drunk and vomiting on camera – I mean, why not?” Benson himself, perhaps not surprisingly, has a laid-back attitude about the show’s future.

“Any former or current president of the United States would be great,” he said of his dream guests. “Other than that, I’m just happy that anyone is willing to do it.” He does have one more serious wish, though. “I hope that a person who is anti-weed stumbles onto the show from time to time and maybe changes their mind,” he said. We might be preaching to the converted, but at least we’re out there — and getting away with it.” Changing the world, one cheesesteak at a time! It all began with Jay's love for food & a small sandwich shop in Penndel. Jay took over the Steak & Hoagie Factory in 2005, and in 2012 broke away from the franchise. With his customers in mind, Jay had a desire to expand, improve & reshape the menu. He added Gluten-Free items, Pretzel Rolls, home-baked Turkey & Roast Beef, homemade Meatballs, fresh hand-battered Chicken Fingers and much more. Another key ingredient that was important to Jay was being involved in the community he served. For over 10 years, Jay's Steak & Hoagie Joint has become not just a staple on the local food scene, but a force for good in the broader community. We're excited to continue our efforts at our new neighborhood location in Parkland, PA. Through donations to local Food Banks, Loyalty Programs and other efforts, Jay's Steak & Hoagie Joint will always strive to help make our local community & the world a better place. Bucks County hoagie joint debuts limited edition 'Wentzel Dip Sandwich' Jay's Steak & Hoagie Joint is located at 1205 Highland Avenue in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. If you own a business in the Philadelphia area and you haven't found a way to capitalize on the Eagles' success, you've been sleeping on a ready-made marketing pitch. Eagles fans in Lower Bucks County will now have a chance to get their hands on a limited-time hoagie inspired by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who returned to the field last Sunday with a win against the Indianapolis Colts. Jay's Hoagie & Sandwich Joint in Parkland is now selling a "Wentzel Dip Sandwich" with ingredients that combine Wentz's North Dakota roots and Philadelphia staples. A portion of all proceeds from the $11 sandwich will support local food banks. “I was working behind the grill thinking of new menu items to help support our local food banks when it hit me,” Green said. “North Dakota is known for its hearty food, so I played around and created a sandwich that combines the best of Philadelphia and Wentz’s home." Closer look at the Wentzel Dip Sandwich.' Proceeds from the sals of the sandwich will go to ERA Food Pantry in Levittown and the Bucks County Housing Group Food Pantry in Penndel. Jay's opened in 2012 and has donated more than 50,000 pounds of food to local food banks since then. Stop in and try the Wentzel Dip Sandwich while it's still around. On July 10th, 2010 Highly Educated debuted as one of the first titanium brands and manufacturers of titanium concentrate accessories. Made in the USA, our products are made widely available for wholesale and retail purchase. We soon followed with the first titanium dabbers and other titanium accessories the market hadn't yet seen before.

Some nails would stick out of the dome, some would be buried so deep in the dome you could not see the nail. The solution was a simple one and we were lucky to introduce the world to the concept of fully adjustable nails. Won Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2011.

In February of 2012, we unveiled to the world to the concept of the electronic nail, or E-nail for short. The concept of heating a domeless nail through the use of a hot runner coil and PID controller is a concept that many companies adapted and still use today.


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