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There’s no risk of burning yourself, because the nail is surround by glass, but it’s still kind of a pain the butt. With the sidearm bubbler, the nail is out in front of you, more like a traditional e-nail. For this reason, I’d recommend going with the sidearm version, not the vertical one. Aside from that issue, I found that my sessions with the Electro were very comparable to that of a traditional powered e-nail.

The vertical version hits just like a standard bong, and doesn’t require a carb. The sidearm attachment (which I prefer) is a little different, and does include a glass carb tool, which gives you more control. I found the red temperature setting (1000°F) to be the most efficient. The blue settings (800°F) will give you tastier vapor, but may not completely vaporize your wax the first time. I tested shatter, crumble, as well as BHO, and had great results with each. In fact, I’d say the Electro performs just as well as any traditional e-nail I’ve ever used or owned. I purchased my first e-nail rig a few years ago when wax started becoming very prevalent and available.

At that time, e-nails were relatively new technology, and came with pretty hefty price tags (and still do). The one I purchased was $600, and I got great use out of it. However, the fact that you can now pickup a portable version like the Electro for a fraction of the price ($250) really makes me regret spending all that money. With the type of power and performance you can get from the Electro, there’s simply no reason to break the bank on an old-school rig. The Electro and Boost are both battery-powered portable e-nails, and for the most part, they function in pretty much the same way. However, there are some distinct differences between the two. First, comparing price, the Boost retails for $199.95, about 50 bucks less than the Electro, $249.99. That right there might be enough for most people to make a decision. However, there’s more to this comparison than just the price. For starters, the Electo far bigger, and more substantial than the Boost. In fact, the Electo’s vertical aqua bubbler is as bigger than the entire battery portion of the Boost. Looking at them side by side, the Boost looks like a little kid standing next to grown-ass man. You could probably fit two Boost batteries inside the Electro, so it’s no wonder the Cloud V’s max temp is so much higher than the Dr. Both of these units are made by reputable manufacturers, and feature nice build quality. However, there are a few reasons why I prefer the Electro over the Boost. First, the Electro is proprietary, while the Boost looks exactly like a ton of other portable e-nails on the market, most notably, the Bolt from Dabado. To my knowledge, the Bolt was released first, which would lead me to believe that the Boost is a re-brand. This isn’t a huge turnoff though, because the Boost actually does perform really well. However, I’ll always choose an original device over a re-branded one. The next reason why I’d choose the Electro over the Boost is because it’s capable of reaching a way higher temperature (1000°F compared to the Boost’s 600°F). This makes a huge difference when it comes to dabbing, and quite frankly, I’m surprised that the Boost doesn’t go higher. Dabber has promoted themselves throughout the years, so maybe this isn’t such a surprise. Even though I prefer the Electro, the Boost does have some features that I wish the Electro had. For instance, the Boost’s battery is removable and replaceable, while the Electro’s is embedded. It’s obviously an advantage to be able to easily swap batteries, but maybe part of the reason that the Electro is able to heat to such a high temp is partly due to the fact that the battery is embedded? That’s purely speculation, so if anyone knows the answer, please chime in. When it comes to design, it could really go either way. Even though the vertical aqua bubbler isn’t my favorite, I do like the fact that Cloud V offers both a vertical and sidearm attachment.

Lastly, the Boost includes a titanium nail and a ceramic nail, while the Electro only includes a titanium nail. This isn’t a huge deal to me, because I’d probably end up using the titanium one more anyway. But overall, I prefer the Electro’s original design and more advanced functionality over the Boost. You can pick up the Cloud V Electro from this trusted retailer. They will ship it for free, and throw in some free goodies. Customize your pipe by adding any 14mm tapered glass bowl, ashcatcher, etc.. Not exposed to any heat, only holds water and smoke/vapor. This video shows the patented diffuser technology in action, and how it successfully percolates like no other pipe on the market. Here is a short clip demonstrating both the diffusion and valved-stem function.

Now this video makes us cringe every time we watch it. Unfortunately, this was the only way we could demonstrate its durability. Just when you thought the pipe couldn't get any smoother, we invented the JETstacks ! A stackable percolation system that can double, triple, quadruple, even quintuple the pipes' smoothness! You must be 18 years of age or older to visit this site.


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