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This is the last step, and you’re onto the Chocolate Cannabis Bar! Excitingly, you can use your weed butter for a variety of recipes. Cannabis pasta, weed garlic bread, or cannabis cake are only a few ideas for your new butter. Follow us on social media and tag us in a photo of your weed chocolate bar.

Hit us up in the comments below if you need any assistance, or want to tell us how your weed chocolates turn out! How to Make Cannabis-Infused Chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Want to impress a loved one with a special Valentine’s treat? Looking for festive entertainment as you spend the night alone or with your pals? Sure, you could go to a Washington state Cannabis dispensary to pick up some goodies, but you could also go the extra mile and make them yourself. Nothing says “I love you” like “I made you weed chocolates.” Homemade cannabis chocolate ingredients and supplies. You just need a few basic supplies and ingredients and you’re good to go. Double boiler pot or two stackable pans to make a double boiler Spatula or big spoon to stir Chocolate bar mold Parchment paper Baking sheet.

Chocolate chips Cannabutter OR Cannabis Butter or coconut oil to infuse Nuts, dried fruit, or other additions for the chocolate (optional) Step 1. Make a small batch of cannabutter or cannabis-infused coconut oil. If you already have cannabutter on hand, you’re ahead of the game. If not, we’ll walk you through making a small batch that won’t leave you with an excess of cannabutter. How to make a small batch of cannabutter: First, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis to activate the THC. Preheat your oven to 230 degrees Fahrenheit Using a grinder or your hands, gently break one gram (adjust based on preference) of cannabis into small pieces. Cover your baking sheet with a layer of parchment paper Evenly spread the cannabis on the parchment paper ensuring there is no direct contact with the baking sheet Bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes (monitor to prevent it from getting too toasty) Now make the butter. Measure out 1 ½ tbsp of butter or coconut oil and place in a mason jar Add the decarboxylated cannabis to the jar Fill a saucepan with water and set it to low-medium heat Seal the mason jar and place in the saucepan, making sure the jar is mostly submerged Allow ingredients to infuse for about an hour on the stovetop. You could put the infused substance into the fridge to solidify, but for this recipe, the melted infusion is perfect. If you have a double boiler, set it up to gently melt the chocolate. Take two saucepans that can stack on top of each other and fill the bottom pan with a few inches of water. Stack the two saucepans, making sure that the bottom of the top pan will not touch the water. Add two cups of chocolate chips to the top saucepan and bring the stovetop to medium-high heat. Stir the chocolate frequently as it melts to prevent burning. When the chocolate is almost fully melted, add in 1 ½ tbsp of cannabis-infused oil or butter and stir until everything is melted together. Once you’ve thoroughly melted your chocolate chips and cannabutter, you can now take the mixture and pour it into your chocolate molds. If you’re adding nuts or fruit or any other ingredients, mix them into the melted chocolate before pouring into the molds. Leave the chocolates to cool in the molds at room temperature for a couple of hours. Now you’ve got yourself a batch of Valentine’s goodies that will impress anyone, especially when you share that they weren’t purchased from a Spokane weed shop. Final tips for making homemade cannabis chocolates. The dosage is going to vary depending on your preference. If you already have cannabutter or infused coconut oil prepared, you’ll have to go with the amount of cannabis that is already in the mixture. If you’re making your own infused butter or oil for the recipe, you can add as much or little cannabis, within reason, to get the right potency. As a general rule, one gram of cannabis equals 100 milligrams of THC . Depending on the THC content of your bud, this can vary quite a bit. If you use one gram of cannabis in your recipe, your chocolates should have about 100 mg of THC total.

If you filled 10 molds with chocolate, you’d have 10 mg of THC per piece. If you filled 20 molds with chocolate, you’d have 5 mg of THC, and so on.

Overall, these chocolates are fairly quick and easy to make. Just be sure to prevent the ingredients from getting too hot and burning. If you already have butter or alternatives and chocolate chips on hand, you’ll just have to visit a pot shop to pick up some bud. You can also visit of one of our Washington state recreational cannabis dispensaries in Seattle or Spokane to pick up some pre-made chocolates if all else fails. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to make chocolates from scratch, we’re not going to leave you hanging.


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