pendora vape pen

Pendora Pen Kit – Pink

510 Threaded Battery Base and Charger

Pendora Pen Kit – Pink Information

A very slim and elegant vape pen that doubles as a stylus that allows you to vape without pressing a single button. It’s that simple! It’s that elegant! The ‘no button technology’ of this Vape pen is what draws most users to its unique and slim design. This one of a kind technology means that all you have to do is touch it to your lips and inhale. What could be easier?

Discretion and beauty all in one

The Pendora Pen Kit comes with a 510 Threaded Battery Base and a charger. The bottom tip also doubles as a stylus, and it has a silicone tip for your comfort. But the thing you will enjoy most when you buy the Pendora Pen Kit online is just how easily and discreetly you can use it.

Its cartridges can hold up to 0.5ml and are designed for Cannabis Oil and E-Juice, whatever your preference might be. They can last an approximate of 100 draws. The Pendora Pen Kit is very slim, making for very discreet dosing during the day. The kit in itself comes with everything you need, which means you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

The cartridge of the Pendora Pen Kit has a plug that must be removed when the Pen is in use. Replace the plug when you are not using your Pendora Pen. If you are a beginner, make sure to keep an eye on your plug! The tips are 510 thread and you can reuse them. However, if you so desire, you can also dispose of them easily enough when you are done using them and order more when you buy a Pendore Pen Kit online in Canada from our store.

Great for self-medication, the Pendora Pen Kit is accurate, discreet, and very reliable. It also has a beautiful slim design and it comes in a pastel pink that easily suits both genders. If you want to medicate safely and discreetly, the Pandora Pen Kit can become a trusted friend or a longtime companion. It does not have any contaminants, solvents, emulsifiers, and it does not harbour mould or plant matter.

The Pendora Pen Kit has No Button Technology for ease of use, LED Light Indication, and a Silicone tip.

The battery and base charger you will find in the Pendora Pen Kit are compatible with the Zen CO2 Carts, Keyy Carts, and Onli Flowers CO2 Carts.


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Pendora Buttonless Vaporizer – Slim Vape Pen Cartridge (Buttonless and Nested Compatible)



Pendora Buttonless Vaporizer – Slim Vape Pen Cartridge (Buttonless and Nested Compatible) 510-Thread

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