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Thanks for reading and hopefully you find a scary subscription box that’ll definitely creep you out. This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Ah yes, Halloween …arguably one of the holidays most looked forward to, especially among those who love any and all things creepy, spooky, and ghoulish. Even if you’re not a fan of the scary aspect of Halloween, there’s plenty of other things to love: themed decorations, costume parties, pumpkin carving, candy, and much more! To celebrate the spookiest time of the year, we’ve handpicked some of our most creep-tastic subscription boxes that are perfect to commemorate Halloween well beyond October.

Don’t wait to trick or treat yo’self to these boxes! What You’ll Get: Become a sleuthing detective with The Deadbolt Mystery Society. Each month subscribers receive a new mystery to solve plus all the puzzles, clues, ciphers needed to solve the mystery! Bring the escape room straight to your living room! What You’ll Get: What’s more Halloween-appropriate than a box full of skulls from Skulls Unlimited International? Whether you’re an avid skull collector or just want to add unique decor to your home, Skulls Unlimited will send you only museum-quality osteological specimens that are valued at more than the cost of the box. What You’ll Get: Is your favorite holiday Halloween? Does the Face Off hold a special place in your heart? Perfect for both beginners and those looking to expand their existing FX makeup collection, FX Crate ships out a special effects makup box full of products from well-known brands like Kryolan and Graftobian. Shipping: Ships to select countries from United States.

What You’ll Get: For all you out there intrigued by the paranormal, there’s now a box to quell your curiosities. Para-Box is a t-shirt subscription box that includes an international scavenger hunt, making it an interactive experience delivered monthly. Decode the clues to find your way out of the hunt, and you’ll be entered to win a monthly drawing for prizes! What You’ll Get: Satisfy your penchant for cryptozoology and paranormal-themed items with Cryptid Crate, a monthly subscription box that contains book, fun wearables, accessories, and collectibles related to UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, plus other related themes and creatures. Shipping: Ships to select countries from United States. What You’ll Get: You'll want to sleep with the lights on after you finish reading a horror, crime, or mystery novel from My Thrill Club. Simply tell them your favorite genre(s) and they'll deliver 2 new hardcover books each month, sure to make your hair stand on end! What You’ll Get: Fans of The Walking Dead rejoice, there's a box for you! ZChest is a zombie themed subscription box delivering collectibles, toys, apparel, posters, and more! What Brings you to Rolling Paper Alternatives and Substitutes? Thanks for Being a Part of The Rolling Paper Depot Family. We’ve all been there, ready to smoke, realizing that your rolling papers are nowhere to be found. It always seems to happen when you're far from civilization or after every store within a ten-mile radius is closed. Luckily, for those on vacation, staying in a hotel room, on a camping trip, hiking, or traveling, there are so many ways to make your own smoking pipe on the go! Your order will be shipped from our place of business within 2 days of you placing your order. We ship our products quickly, and discreetly in an unmarked postal service box, or an unmarked brown box. While you might currently be out of papers and are looking for a substitute, we suggest ordering a few cheap rolling papers now, so they can be shipped to you ASAP and you won't find yourself in this predicament again anytime soon. Lucky for you, RPD has a huge selection of rolling papers and we deliver them discreetly, straight to your door! Three of our most cost-effective rolling papers are RAW single wides, Plain White 1 1/4, and Elements King Size, which will let you roll your own smokes for just pennies! Nevertheless, if you're in a pinch, read on to find out how to craft great rolling paper alternatives. The Dangers of Substituting Household Items for Rolling Papers. Rolling paper substitutes and alternatives can be made from common household items, cheap produce, and even things you can find in a hotel room.

You may be surprised at what smoking gadgets you can create quickly and easily when you’re stuck without papers. The issue with these rolling paper substitutes is that they should NOT be used on a daily basis and only used as a last resort. These makeshift pipes are meant to be used when impromptu emergency smoke sessions arise and aren’t ever meant to replace your rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, or pipes. When you use tin foil, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or anything else not meant to be smoked, you put yourself at risk for health issues.

When these items are heated up, they release toxins which will then end up in your lungs.


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