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If you wear a bra, you could stash it in there, but after awhile that’s gonna get really uncomfortable. For the most realistic experience, your Quick Fix should be at 94-100 degrees before you plan on using it. Having a hot bottle of liquid pressed against your skin all day isn’t really what most people would call an enjoyable experience. You could always put it in your bag and carry it with you, but that’s gonna be extra weird when your partner requests a golden shower and you’ve gotta go fishing through Kleenex and phone chargers to find your secret formula.

Keep your synthetic secret on the down by checking out our top 3 stash products. Then, get down with your bad self ;) The Stash Leg Strap. The Stash Leg Strap is a high-quality neoprene strap that fits comfortably around your leg. It has a compartment specifically designed to hold your bottle of Quick Fix (most other pre-mixed synthetic urine brands will also fit!) and keep it hidden from view under your clothes. Just put your bottle in the strap and velcro the band around your leg until it fits snugly. Don’t worry, it won’t slide out of place once you’ve got it on! Nobody likes to have urine slipping and sliding down their leg all day!

The Stash Leg Strap is designed to be worn under your normal clothes and even helps your bottle of Quick Fix stay warm longer. It’s perfect for discreetly transporting your synthetic urine! Stash Undies are another great option for storing and transporting your synthetic urine close to your body. They’re underwear with an extra, secret pocket in the front that perfectly fits a bottle of Quick Fix (or Quick Fix Plus). This option gives you fast and easy access to your urine and let’s you pull it out from a more realistic place if you know what we mean… Since the pocket is hidden, they look just like regular underwear, but you can store your liquid gold deep inside without anyone being able to tell you’ve got a special secret. The Stash Undies come in 3 waist sizes (all the way from 32” up to 42”) and you can rewash and use them as many times as you’d like! The Synthetic Urine Belt gives the most discreet and realistic experience of them all. Not only does it store your Quick Fix, it allows you to deliver your synthetic urine straight from the belt and onto your partner! The Synthetic Belt is an elastic strap with a medical-grade bag attached to it. It wraps around your waist or chest (whichever feels most comfortable to you) and has a tube that extends down between your legs. When you’re ready to let it flow, you just open the silent valve at the end of the tube and gravity will drain your synthetic urine out with a lifelike stream! The Synthetic Belt is reusable (just flush each time with warm water) and allows for the most stealthy look. Plus, since you won’t have the empty bottle of Quick Fix with you, it comes with it’s own temperature strip so you can make sure your urine sample is at body temperature before you let it loose. If you’re into urine but wanna play it safe, Quick Fix synthetic urine will get the job done every time. But, when it comes to storing and transporting your bottle of synthetic urine, make sure you play it smart too! The Stash Leg Strap, Stash Undies, and The Synthetic Urine Belt are all great, affordable options for you to discreetly store and transport your urine sample without having it come in direct contact with your skin. How to Hide Your Synthetic Urine & Sneak it into Drug Tests. While copping a urine sample from a friend to use in a drug test or freezing some of your own that you know is clean for future use are ideas as old as drug testing itself (the process is called "subbing"), there's one aspect of the subbing process that can present a significant hurdle to success: getting the substitute sample into the bathroom at the screening location. And while it's tricky enough to get the sample into the restroom at all, the whole thing gets even more complex and challenging if the checking administrators put one of their own into the restroom with you; which they often do. The fact is, however, that subbing is done successfully every day of every year in every city in the world where this type of testing is conducted. Using a substitute urine sample to pass a drug check is done all the time everywhere drug tests are conducted. But for that to happen people have to get the alternative sample into the screening restroom so they can make the swap. There are a number of things that could potentially stand in the way of subbing success including: Getting patted down upon entering the testing facility. Having leaks develop in whatever you’re using to hold the phony sample. Generating noise when opening the substitute sample.

Having someone from the screening company in the restroom with you. That said the fact remains that people can get substitute samples into restrooms at testing facilities all the time. But with all the things that could potentially go wrong, how are they able to do that? Options For Sneaking In Your Synthetic Urine: The number one reason people are caught subbing is because they simply don’t give enough thought or put enough effort into trying to conceal the alternative pee. They just stuff it in one of the pockets of their cargo pants or slide a vial down their sock or maybe put it in the pocket of a t-shirt that’s concealed beneath another shirt. All of these methods might seem on some level adequate, but all will fail if the person is patted down when entering the screening room.

So what are some successful methods people use to pull off subbing? Taping the sample to your torso - In particular, we mean taping a flat container to your body directly above your penis or vagina.


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