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The vape has a very high quality glass water attachment to filter and cool down vapor, making the taste and smoothness impressive. This dab pen vaporizer truly excels at what it does, and is sure to suit the tastes of even very experienced wax enthusiasts. - Guarantee - The Cloud V Electro only has a 1-year warranty, which is on the short side when you consider its cost of the portable vaporizer for wax concentrates.

Still, this unit is very well built, so it's likely to outlast its warranty with ease. - Prep Time - The biggest downside of the Cloud V Electro is that the unit is difficult to load when it's in its upright position. Once you do have the dab vaporizer loaded, the unit reaches working temperature very fast. - Portability - At 11 inches in size when fully assembled, the Cloud V Electro is rather large and not really meant for use while traveling. Still, the unit is lightweight compared to wax vaporizers of its kind, making it easy to carry and use at home. - Ease of Use - The Cloud V Electro is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The vaporizer has little to no draw resistance to meet the needs of those with breathing problems, and users can master the correct way to draw from it without any effort. - Heating and Temperature Regulators - The Cloud V Electro features adjustable temperature settings, with an incredibly high maximum heat of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

You truly can customize the heat to the exact level you choose to get the best vaporizer results from any type of wax. - Power Supply - The only other drawback to the Cloud V Electro is that it does not have a replaceable vape battery like some of its competitors. This means that you can't have a spare on hand to load when the battery becomes depleted. Still, the battery allows you to vape for long periods of time before it needs charging, and you can charge it two different ways for your convenience. If you want to vape wax and get the same results you would from a high quality portable or even a desktop vaporizer, the Cloud V Electro is for you. With its competitive price point, high quality build, and state-of-the-art technology, this versatile dab vaporizer stands out. You can use it with any wax material you desire and have an enjoyable experience. The Cloud V Electro has often been likened to the Dr. Dabber Boost, another handheld dab vaporizer that is similar in nature to the Electro. Dabber Boost are both made from top quality materials and are strong builds. Both of them also feature a handy glass water pipe attachment that helps to diffuse and cool each and every hit to provide a more comfortable vape every time. They both are also minimalist in design with only one button so they function in a similar way--but where do they differ? Dabber Boost and the Cloud V Electro lies in the fact that the Cloud V Electro only has two temperature settings which are low and high, while the Dr. Dabber Boost offers three preset temperature settings, which some might prefer. Dabber Boost also excels in terms of its portability. While neither vape is meant to take with you on a walk about town, the Dr. Dabber Boost does have a smaller battery and a smaller glass piece that makes it much easier to tote around. Another major difference between these two vaporizers is the price. Dabber Boost only costs $199, while the Cloud V Electro is going to run you $249. Which one you prefer ultimately comes down to how much portability you are going to want and what sort of temperature control you prefer. Portable, battery-powered e-nails have quickly become the latest “must-have” devices for dab enthusiasts. More versatile than traditional e-nails that need to be plugged in, these portable versions essentially perform the same function at a fraction of the cost. The latest “eRig” to hit the market is the Electro, made by Cloud V. *Sidenote* Even though the logo reads ‘Cloud V’, all of the products on their website only use the prefix ‘Cloud’. So to be honest, I really don’t know if the company is called Cloud V or Cloud.

Regardless, I’m going to refer to this unit as the Cloud V Electro.

Right out of the box, the Electro is very impressive. I received the the version with the vertical glass aqua bubbler, but there’s also a version that comes with a sidearm attachment (like most of the other portable e-nails I’ve seen). Everything is packed very tightly and securely in thick foam inlays, with separate sections for the battery/base, aqua bubbler and titanium nail. Underneath, you’ll find another foam inlay that contains the charging cord, wall adapter, additional titanium nail, dab tool, as well as a glossy, highly-detailed instruction manual.


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