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Pax 3 Problems: What You Should Do to Fix it?

If you have not been in the greatest of sessions due to the Pax 3 problems, read the tips to get the unit ready and enjoy the vape. PAX has been the only company that is designing the smallest and the best portable vaporizers for the market. And, is launching the models with the latest updates. Hence, there have been different ways to use the product and some products might have some problems.

How to resolve the counterfeit issue?

One of the biggest PAX 3 problems that many of the users face is the counterfeits that are in the market and new users cannot just figure which one is the REAL. Let’s solve your problem.

There are many fake and near to perfect replicas of Pax 3 available on good sites like eBay and Alibaba. Thus due to the record number of sales for popular vaporizers like Pax 3, these websites are also catching the opportunity to earn some extra cash. It is better to get the Real Pax 3 from the authorized distributor and contact the overseas manufacturer of the company through their website and get the Real Pax 3 delivered at your doorstep.

I have found some differences in the boxes, but I have not purchased the counterfeit model so cannot confirm about the performance.


There is a lot of difference in the packaging and you can easily catch the fake Pax 3. The color of the box and the markings are not printed accurately. And, the cables are imperfect and there are grammar mistakes on the box too.

Pax 3 is the latest device and has been used a lot by hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide. The purpose to write about the PAX 3 problems is that many users are not aware of the warranty and the help desk.


The fake Pax 3 has not been listed anywhere, not on the box nor in the instruction sheet. Additionally, the fake unit needs the power to charge every three hours, even it is not used.

The PAX does not charge properly?

Many of the users have been complaining about the charging issues in the PAX 3. Well, the product comes with a warranty, so it’s better to contact the company head office or their sales representative to give you some advice on the aforesaid issue to resolve it. Do not get frustrated as electronics of the equipment can malfunction at any time. You just need to relax and give a call to the tech support. They will help you in any manner they can.

Tell us something about the overall issues in Pax 3

Not getting much smoke

Well, sometimes, the oven of the Pax 3 can be tightly screwed. Moreover, the oven should be half packed from the down and let the unit heat for about 20 seconds before you smoke.

Vapor quality

If you are not getting the best vapor quality or enough vapor to taste your flavor. Grind the herb finer and pack the oven tighter. This might solve the issue.

Final Thoughts

This post will provide you what are some of the PAX 3 problems commonly faced by the users. Well, if this article does not have the answer to your query, email your concern to the company and the tech-support department will answer your query.

If you have not been in the greatest of sessions due to the Pax 3 problems, read the tips to get the unit ready and enjoy the vape.