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Everything you need to know about the Pax Era Pro

What was once a small San Franciscan start-up has now turned the vaporizer world on its head. Probably the most recognizable name in the game, PAX Labs Inc stormed the scene when they introduced their portable loose-leaf vaporizers to the market.

Since then, PAX Labs has been climbing the vaporizer ladder starting with the PAX 1 to the PAX 2 and the current state-of-the-art PAX 3. But the loose-leaf lines aren’t the only products bolstered by tech and a smooth hit.

PAX is also known for its cheaper concentrate counterpart, the Pax Era. But very recently, they released a sleeker, more discrete edition to the old fan favorite: the Pax Era Pro. Named the first cannabis-only vaporizer certified by top safety organization Underwriter Laboratories, the Era Pro combines elegant design with an innovative delivery system.

Here’s our take on the new PAX Era Pro.

What is the Pax Era Pro?

The Pax Era Pro is a handheld concentrate vaporizer utilizing fresh PAX Era Pods for an extremely simple on-the-go experience.

The Era Pro clocks in at $69.99 — that price tag gets you the device and a USB-C charger in a range of colors including black, red, jade or grey. Compatible pods can usually be found for around $40—$60 depending on your legal state and brand of concentrate.

But what are the major differences between the Era and the Era Pro? The Era provides consumers with safety certifications, on-demand draw and Pax Pod-ID where you can check safety reports and strains through the PAX Android app. The Era Pro includes all of these measures, but tacks on expert temperature settings, Era pod memory (where your chosen pod “remembers” the temperature in which you like to vape), haptic vibration alerts and the previously mentioned UL-certification.

What are Pax Pods?

Just like your usual concentrate vaporizer, Pax Pods are cartridges — but they’re unique to the Pax brand and utilize SimpleClick™ technology for an extremely easy vaping session. Each pod contains a built-in ID that works alongside the PAX Mobile App (available for Android on Google Play) and is meant to reveal the full makeup of the strain you wish to imbibe.

Recently, I obtained Heylo Cannabis’ Show & Tell Pod which came with a complete analysis of pesticide pass/fail scores, cannabinoid content, and a terpene fingerprint among other tests and results to ensure it is safe to use.

Though Pax Pods are similar to JUUL Pods, they are not compatible. Each PAX Era Pod will last you about two weeks when used regularly on medium temperatures. Higher use and higher temperatures will let you enjoy a full PAX Era pod for a few days since high temperatures tend to burn through cannabis material quickly.

I have used my PAX Era Pro regularly on low to medium temperatures and it’s still long-lasting after 15 days. How long your PAX Era pods last will be up to you.

How do you use the Pax Era Pro?

Now that you know what the PAX Era Pro brings to the table and what an Era Pod can deliver, how exactly do you use this new device?

Charge the PAX Era Pro

Your Era Pro will come with a USB-C cord for charging, and brand new, straight-out-the-box Pros need about 45 – 60 minutes to fully charge:

  • To check the charge, simply move the Era Pro back and forth. The petals on the front of the device will light up in a white color.
  • To charge the PAX Era, connect the USB-C cord into the charging dock and plug it into the USB port on your computer or charging device
  • The four petals on the front of the device show the battery level. Each petal signifies a 25% charge. Once all four petals stop pulsating and turn light blue, the device is fully charged and ready to use.
  • When the battery is low, the upper left petal will blink red.

Changing Temperatures

Once your device is juiced up, it’s time to experiment with temperatures. Era Pro offers four different temperature settings based on your individual preferences. Higher temperatures will give your elevation more edge, while lower temperatures will focus on the flavor of your chosen Era Pod.

Using the above mentioned “SimpleClick™” technology, changing temperatures on a concentrate device has never been easier:

  • Adjust the temperature by using the “Pop and Click” method.
  • Pop your pod up from the device (you don’t have to fully remove the pod).
  • Drop the pod back down to change to the next temperature (no need to push it in completely).
  • The device will vibrate and the petals will each glow yellow to indicate the temperature that the device is set to.
  • Pop the pod back in once you land on your preferred temperature. Your pod will remember this temperature until you change settings — no need to set the temperature each time.

Here are the different preset temperatures:

  • Low: One Petal (520°F)
  • Medium: Two Petals (610°F),
  • Medium/High: Three Petals (700°F)
  • High: Four Petals (790°F)

How to Clean the Era Pro

Cleaning your Era Pro is easy – the only part you need to worry about is the handle, in which you can wipe it down with a sanitized wipe or any chosen cleaning solution. The mouthpiece is just the Pax Pod and can be wiped down, but will ultimately be discarded once you’re ready for a new pod. No ovens or small nooks or crannies to deal with.

What’s the Appeal?

The Pax Era Pro is one of the easiest and most discreet cannabis concentrate vaporizers I have ever used. The simple “click and go” pods will appeal to any consumer who doesn’t want to waste time learning an entire book of directions for one puff.

The people at PAX know what they’re doing when it comes to manufacturing tech-forward vaping devices, and the Pro is no exception. I enjoyed the easy set-up, simple temperature control, and clean hits.

It’s hard to come up with any downsides, as the Era Pro is the supped-up sister of the classic Era — and even simpler to use by design. You can take it anywhere, and it lasts for days.

If you’ve been looking for a fast and easy vaporizer that you can use for any event, don’t just take our word for it.

You can purchase the PAX Era Pro from the PAX Labs Inc’s website. All photos courtesy of PAX Labs Inc.

The Pax Era Pro is a handheld concentrate vaporizer utilizing fresh PAX Era Pods for an extremely simple on-the-go experience.

How to find the best temperature for your high-tech weed vape

Vaping cannabis oil is the new normal. So what’s the best temperature?

This post is part of our High-tech High series, which explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.S. states, Canada, and Uruguay moves the market further out of the shadows.

Cannabis users have always been fine-tuning their experience. Rolling a joint tighter or grinding bud finer will result in a different high, so it’s no surprise that users want that option when it comes to vaping. So what’s the best temperature to vape at? That depends on what you want out of your high.

Thanks to the rise of sate-level legalization in the U.S., vaping cannabis went from being a somewhat clunky and niche experience to a convenient and discreet norm. Whether you’re vaping oil or flower, the high tech gadgets being produced today allow users to curate their own experience, offering up a high they can learn to expect.

Vaping oil is the new standard

In recent years, vaping cannabis oil has exploded, and it’s helped introduce many to the world of legal pot. While smoking weed or downing an edible can offer an intense adventure, vaping oil can give users a more mellow and manageable experience. Additionally, it’s less smelly, there’s no smoke, and it’s an overall cleaner ordeal.

“You have all of this plant matter when you light it on fire you’re creating smoke. There’s a lot of that plant matter that doesn’t impact your high whatsoever — your experience whatsoever. So what vaping does, especially in the non-flower form, is it extracts all that plant matter and provides you just with the active compounds,” JJ O’Brien, VP of Strategy at Pax Labs said in an interview.

When you purchase vape oil from a legal store, it usually comes with a standard fitting. Users can then purchase a battery relatively cheaply, which can be reused and recharged.

Cannabis vape oils with the industry standard 510 fitting.

Image: Shutterstock / King Dragon

While some batteries allow users to select between a few set temperature settings, companies like Pax allow people to set the temperature they’d like down to the degree.

At $29.99 the Pax Era is the company’s response to the industry’s oil boom. But there’s a catch — you can’t just go buy any type of oil you want because it does not use the industry standard 510 threaded batteries. Instead, the Era uses its own pods which are sourced from cannabis manufacturers they trust. Sure, while this may be a little inconvenient and limit the variety of oils you can buy, this model and others like it feel like a little bit more of a high-end experience.

The Era is app-connected, which allows you to unlock a number of features, including temperature control from your smartphone. The vape can be set as low as 430 degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as 790. To set a temperature that’s right for you, it all depends on what you want out of the vape.

Image: lili sams, mashable

No temperature is the right temperature

“The unique part about temperature when it comes to cannabis consumption is that every single one of those active compounds — all your cannabinoids . all of your terpenes . add to your holistic high and they all have different boiling points,” O’Brien explained. “Temperature is incredibly important in any type of cannabis experience because you’re wanting to consume all of those compounds at the right heat, which vary on the map, and you can’t necessarily consume the full spectrum as easily as you want sometimes.

While some cannabinoids — compounds found in cannabis that can provide the consumer with different effects — can withstand a higher temperature, terpenes, the essential oils of the plant which give it its taste and smell, cannot. So, vaping at a lower temperature will give a more perfume-like flavor, while a higher temperature will produce more vapor and will be a more intense high.

Activating these compounds is essentially what provides the user with an experience, one that is getting increasingly easier to manage thanks to technology.

“The joint is actually the best vaporizer out there.”

“The joint is actually the best vaporizer out there,” O’Brien admitted. “You’re combusting on one end, you’re pulling hot air through a controlled environment because you’ve wrapped the paper, and you’re actually hitting that flower with different heats as the combustion cools coming into your mouth.”

How to find your best temperature?

If you’re experimenting with different vape temperatures, the best thing to do is start low and try to be as mindful of your experience as possible. Take notes! Starting at a low temperature and waiting a decent amount of time between hits will allow you to take in how your body and mind are altered.

For the best results on the Era, select a dosage on the session control section of the app and slowly increase the temperature each time you vape. Remember that the effects of cannabis are cumulative, so this may take a few different days or even weeks before you find the perfect temperature for each situation.

If you don’t have an Era and can’t control the dose of your session, try to be aware of how hard and how long your pulling. For the most accurate results, remember to charge your vape battery often.

The future of fine tuning

While we can use things like vape temperature to help manage our highs, there are still so many factors involved in proving the same, repeatable experience which is essential to the mainstream acceptance of cannabis. How intense did you inhale and how long did you keep it in your lungs before exhaling? What was the THC percentage in the oil you purchased? CBD?

Temperature is only one factor in the very confusing and often overwhelming world of cannabis. A shot of whiskey is a shot of whiskey every single time. A hit of a joint or a puff off a vape can vary extensively.

Companies like Pax are allowing users to set their own preference through apps that fine tune temperatures and dosages. But without more research on how these compounds can effect us, many cannabis consumers are still playing guinea pigs with their highs. Widespread legalization at the federal level, like in Canada, may help us learn more about activating these compounds, and how we can better manage them.

High tech vaporizers allow cannabis users to fine tune their high, but what's the difference? ]]>