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Sales associate wasn't very educated on the products he carried. A head shop, commonly known as a "smoke shop" is a retail store that specializes in products for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other accessories in this counterculture. Many head shops also carry Kratom, CBD, and other consumables - depending on the legality within their state. Smoke Shops have been around for decades, and are popular destinations for stoners and the smoking enthusiasts to find products to fit their lifestyle. If you have any familiarity with LSD use, you’ve probably heard the expression “Set and Setting.” It was coined by Norman Zinberg to describe the context for psychedelic drug experience and has become widely accepted by researchers in psychedelic therapy. Unknown to most others, however, are four other S’s: substance, sitter, session, and situation. Although these four S’s do not play as primary a role as Set and Setting, they still affect the nature and value of a psychedelic experience. In this article, I dive headfirst into descriptions for each S and why it is critical to keep every S in mind for a great psychedelic experience. It includes the preparation and expectations of the voyager and guide before embarking on a psychedelic experience. Before a psychedelic experience, the Voyager (person taking the psychedelic) should make a number of preparations. First off, the Voyager needs to approach the psychedelic experience as a three-day experience, not a one day trip. Set aside time for self-reflection and spend part of the day in nature. On the third day, begin to integrate the experience and record your discoveries and insights. During the first day, record your thoughts related to the experience: What are your preconceptions about psychedelic experiences? He or she can clarify any concerns you may have, helping you to experience a deeper sense of calm in approaching a psychedelic experience. The setting is the surrounding in which the trip occurs. It includes the physical environment and the space for the session. There are two options for a physical setting when taking psychedelics: An uncluttered, comfortable room with a couch or bed A familiar outdoor setting. If you decide to take a psychedelic indoors, pick a clean, uncluttered place with a couch or bed, and access to a toilet. Make sure there is a variety of soft pillows and blankets and some sort of stereo system. Your goal is to create and maintain a simple environment that supports inner peace. If taken outdoors, psychedelics will create a more extroverted experience. Connecting to nature becomes an essential part of the experience. However, even if tripping outdoors, make sure there is a space to lie down.

I’ve had many voyages where I begin my trip outside and retire to an indoor location later on. Alternatively, one can experience the most intense period of a psychedelic trip inside, and, then, explore nature. In terms of atmosphere, music is critical for an enlightening entheogenic experience. In fact, according to the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: “Most cultures that use plants for healing, divination, or spiritual revivification use music to facilitate the transition from one level of awareness to another and to enhance the feeling of safety by providing nonverbal support.” Either headphones or a stereo system will work.

Specific recommendations include Hovhaness’s Mysterious Mountain, Faure’s Requiem, Gregorian chants, solo piano, piano with one or two other instruments, unaccompanied flute, ragas, and indigenous drum recordings. When listening to music, closing your eyes will increase its impact. To enhance the experience, use an eyeshade, pillow, or soft cloth to create a sense of complete darkness. Certain individuals who have truly profound experiences have no desire to try psychedelics again.


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