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Quick Guide to using your Pax 3

Hey! You’re probably on this page because you made the great decision to purchase a Pax 3; a luxury vaporizer rate for both its aesthetics and performance.

We wanted to ensure that you have the best possible experience so we created this brief guide on how to to get the most out of your Pax 3,

You will have the following pieces included in the box:

  • 1x PAX 3 Vaporizer
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 2x Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat & 1 Raised)
  • 1x Standard Oven Lid
  • 1x Maintenance Kit
  • 10-Year Warranty Protection
  • 1x Half-Pack Oven **
  • 1x Concentrate Insert **
  • 1x Multi-Tool **
  • 3x Screens **

** Included in Complete Kit only

Charging your Pax 3

The Pax 3 has a unique magnetic charging dock – it snaps right into place as soon as you place the charger near the port on the back of the device.

First things first, we need to charge our Pax 3 to its maximum level

You’ll know when your pax has reached a full charge when all four LEDs are white – it should take roughly two hours.

Perform a quick burnoff of the Pax 3’s oven.

Once the battery is fully charged, it is worth performing a quick ‘burn-off’ of the Pax’s oven – this will disinfect the oven and remove any residue left over from manufacturing.

To carry this out, power on the Pax by pressing the power button in the centre of the mouthpiece once.

Leave the Pax 3 oven on for five minutes; this should be enough to totally disinfect the oven.

Packing your Pax 3

Now it’s time to pack our Pax 3 and get started!

Remove the magnetic oven cover at the bottom of the Pax. Before placing any herb in the oven, first, ensure you have ground your herbs as finely as possible.

The Pax performs best when your herbs are packed firmly and the oven is at least half full.

If vaping solo we recommend you use the half-pack oven for the best experience. It comes with the complete kit or can be purchased as an extra.

Choose your mouthpiece

The Pax 3 can be used with either the flat mouthpiece that is fitted into the device or this can be swapped out for the raised mouthpiece.

The flat mouthpiece is my favourite because it is really discreet however, some prefer the natural feel of the raised mouthpiece.

Powering on your Pax 3

To turn the Pax 3 on, press the power button in the centre of the mouthpiece once – the vaporizer should immediately begin to heat up.

Whilst heating up the LEDs will pulsate with a soft purple colour and turn green when it has reached the set temperature.

Changing the temperature settings of your Pax 3

The Pax 2 has four temperature setting. To adjust the temperature you have to put your Pax into temperature mode.

To do this, when the Pax 2 in turn on, hold the power button until the LEDs turn yellow.

Now you can cycle through the four settings by pressing the power button once. Each LED corresponds to a temperature setting with 1 LED being the coolest temperature and 4 being the hottest.

To set your chosen temperature, hold the power button for an extended period again until the LEDs turn from yellow to purple or green.

Using the smartphone app to control your Pax 3

Although you can use the Pax without it, the Pax app allows a more bespoke vaping experience. It is available for both Android and iPhone and is downloaded from their app stores.

To use it, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on. Then open the app whilst powering on the Pax at the same time. It should connect automatically. if not, find the Pax 3 in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Further to the standard temperature controls, the Pax app allows you to set your own precise temperature settings.

Furthermore, you can change your vaping mode; a first for vaping devices. You can choose from:

  • Standard
  • Boost – vaping with a kick! Good for water filter inhalation
  • Efficiency – squeeze every last terpene out of your herbs
  • Stealth – when you need to vape like a ninja! dimmed LEDs and less smell
  • Flavour – prioritises taste over clouds

The app also offers tutorials about the use and cleaning of your PAX.

Further Reading

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  • Choosing the right temperature for your dry herb vaporizer.

We are sure you’ll enjoy your Pax 3!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

Quick Guide to using your Pax 3 Hey! You're probably on this page because you made the great decision to purchase a Pax 3; a luxury vaporizer rate for both its aesthetics and performance. We wanted to ensure that you have the best possible experience so we created this brief guide on how to to get the most out of your

Pax 3 Tips and Tricks

Pax 3 is one of the most popular vaporizers ever made and also one of the best vaporizers ever made. There are many good reasons for that; I won’t go in-depth with all of them right now but I’ll just say that they include its great looks, tasty vapor, and generous customization. So this article isn’t about how to use the Pax 3 or why it is so great, it’s all about how to keep it great. There are a lot of different ways to do so, none of which are particularly difficult, some of which work with most vaporizers and some of which are specific to the Pax 3. So keep reading so that you can get the best out of your Pax 3 for a very long time.

Get a Good Grind

All vaporizers benefit from finely ground herb and the Pax 3 is no different. Nicely ground herb makes it easier for you to fill the oven chamber and allows the herb to be vaped more evenly because of the larger surface area.

One grinder that works well for vaping is the SLX Grinder (Review | Buy). Aside from having a Ceramic coating that rejects residue, it grinds the herb to the perfect consistency for vaping. A good grinder is a must and will improve your experience regardless of which vape you use.

Use The Half-Pack Oven Lid If You’re Flying Solo

The Pax 3 (Review | Buy) is great for parties, game nights, watch parties, and any other occasions when you have a bunch of people hanging out together. It can fit up to 0.3g in the oven so it’s pretty large. However, it’s likely that you’ll be using it by yourself most of the time, in which case you likely won’t be using as much herb as you would in a group setting. and for those situations, you can use the half-pack oven lid.

The lid does exactly as it says; it has a bulge on the inside that fills up half of the oven chamber so that you can fill the other half with herb and not have to worry about any empty space left over. Since a half-empty chamber is not ideal for vaping, the half-pack oven lid keeps the herb packed tight even when you are using less of it. With the lid, the oven capacity is only 0.15g, perfect for flying solo.

Other vapes such as the Crafty+ (Review | Buy) or DaVinci IQ (Review | Buy) use “oven inserts” that have the same functionality- reduce oven space, allowing to pack a smaller amount of herbs.

Engage Stealth Mode For Some Low Key Vaping

The bright, petal-shaped LED lights of the Pax 3 are a big part of its signature look, and the vapor production is a big part of its appeal. However, there will be situations where you need to vape low key and those two attributes won’t exactly help since they practically put a spotlight on you when you vape. That’s when you should use stealth mode.

This is one of the many dynamic modes available via the smartphone app of the Pax 3 and it works by dimming the LED lights, producing less vapor, and speeding up the cool-down times. The end result of stealth mode is that you can sneak a session with no one around you being none the wiser.

Empty The Chamber After Each Session

Cleaning is nobody’s favorite thing to do with their vaporizer but it’s a necessity. So, if you want to keep your Pax 3 running, then you should clean it on a regular basis. If you don’t, then not only will the chamber get gunked up with residue, but it will also make cleaning more difficult the longer you put it off.

Since procrastination won’t do you any good, you should empty out the chamber after each session and make sure that no buds stick around. This post explains how to know when the herb is cashed and needs to be replaced.

Clean The Vapor Path After Every Few Sessions

In addition to the herb chamber, you will want to keep the vapor path clean as well. The reason is that a dirty vapor path can lower the draw resistance and negatively affect the vapor quality. So, that means you will have to work harder to inhale poor vapor.

You can use accessories like pipe cleaners to make the cleaning task easy. You don’t need to clean the vapor path after every session, you can do so after every seven to ten sessions. That will help to keep the airflow going and even help you to get more vapor from the Pax 3.

Don’t Use The Pax 3 For Wax

While the Pax 3 has a wax-compatible concentrate insert for the oven, I would advise against using it. For much the same reason that you shouldn’t use the wax capability for any dry herb vaporizer that has that feature.

The reason is that weed vapes don’t get hot enough to properly vape the wax to its fullest. That means you will get a subpar wax vaping experience and you will end up wasting some of your wax supply. Not to mention that you have to worry about cleaning the semi-vaped wax from out of the concentrate insert. So avoid all of that and get a dab pen for your “meltables”.

Use The Raised Mouthpiece

The Pax 3 includes two different mouthpieces, a flat one and a raised one, but it might as well only include one since the raised mouthpiece is the superior option. The flat mouthpiece sits flush on top of the Pax 3 and keeps the smooth design profile of the device, but vaping from it feels quite awkward.

The raised mouthpiece feels much better because you can actually wrap your lips around it. That allows you to easily take bigger draws if you want to, which is far more difficult with the flat mouthpiece. The flat mouthpiece may be slightly better for portability, but in terms of vaping, there is no contest, it’s the raised mouthpiece all the way.

The Pax 3 is one of the best dry herb vaporizers ever made, so how can it get any better? Check out these Pax 3 tips and tricks to find out.