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These special ceremonies celebrate Elevationism; the official ‘faith’ of the church. The site offers mysterious dinners, live entertainment, and much more. It also has amazing décor with psychedelic murals that draw the eye. iBake Denver is believed to be one of the first weed lounges in Denver.

It is one of the few early lounges that is still going strong. It is a private lounge so you can smoke without fear of breaking the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act. With an estimated 50,000 members, you will find it easy to strike up conversations. You need to be aged 21+ to enter, and must also sign up to become a member. The basic membership costs $12 a month and $3 for every day you enter. 8:00 PM: Enjoy a Late Dinner to Take Care of the Munchies. If you have been embracing the Denver stoner lifestyle, you’re probably baked at this stage! By now, the hunger pangs are probably taking control so satiate your appetite before you become ‘hangry.’ While Steuben’s isn’t a 420-friendly location, it serves the kind of food you’re likely craving!

Located at 523 E 17 Ave., Steuben’s is the place to be if you want high-quality American classics like hamburger and fries. If you simply want to grab a quick bite and leave, this place has you covered. Its collection of sandwiches includes the famous Monte Cristo, BLT, and the much-loved Steuben’s Burger. Make your way to The Oxford Hotel at 1600 17 th St, and check out the Cruise Room. A quick glance inside and you immediately get the impression of an elegant speakeasy bar in Prohibition America. You won’t be able to smoke here, but you can enjoy your share of martinis or Manhattans while relaxing in this stunningly decorated bar. If you’re too stoned to party, we don’t blame you for wanting to go home. However, you will be missing out because Denver’s nightlife is legendary. If you are feeling energetic, try La Rumba on 99 W 9 th Ave. It offers high-tempo music that is sure to get you off your feet, and on to the dancefloor. Other trendy nightspots worth considering include Milk, Beta Nightclub, and Vinyl Night Club. If you want to stay out late, but don’t feel like dancing, the 1up Arcade Bar is a real treat for fans of classic arcade games. There are three locations, although the one at 717 E. has one of the biggest selections of pinball machines in Colorado! Along with the 40+ pinball machines, there are over 90 classic video games and six lanes of skeeball. Add in 12 beers on tap, and you have a good, chilled out night ahead of you. Did I mention the Touch Tunes jukebox that allows you to listen to your favorite tunes? What could be better than being stoned, relaxing, and listening to The Doors for a few hours? By the way, the Colfax venue stays open until 1:30 am. If not, you have the option to return to your bud and breakfast, light up, and order any treats you feel like when the munchies inevitably return. If you are a resident of Denver, you probably think that we have barely scratched the surface of your great city. Whether you enjoy marijuana or not, the Mile High City is one of America’s best tourist locations. However, it is especially great fun for stoners who know they can buy some weed, smoke it in a bud and breakfast, and chill out in 420-friendly locations across the city. We shouldn’t need to tell you to imbibe weed responsibly! If you can think of any other great places in Denver that we have missed, please add your thoughts in the comments section.

Never went back to flimsy cardstock that I had to construct. A real winner/ i normally us the plain raw tips tearout and keeping them together while you roll can be a problem if buy hand in a roller its easier but i wanted to try these out and i have to say there great if i have them ill go to these first every time great size very easy and un like filters there all lined up great.

These tips completely saved me the frustration of having to spit stuff out so often. Doesn't take away from the experience at all and a cinch if you use these with a cigarette roller. I don't think I'll ever go back to smoking tipless lol. I get to inhale easy and won't get clogged up, nothing goes to waste after each session.


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