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In my head, weed and dreaming are definitely connected. But like the above commenter, everyone is a different person. Who knows, maybe if I had continued smoking I would have eventually started dreaming again?

To me, my dreams won over the sensation and feeling of being high. Hi, read your comment and just wanted to mention that smoking and then immediately going to sleep is a really difficult thing for me to do, and probably most people I would imagine. You should probably let the affects of the dose wear off, depending on potency, about an hour after you use, before trying to fall asleep. Then you won't have that falling into nothingness feeling, is my guess. I'm a psychiatrist who has smoked nearly daily since I was 19 years old. I have had to quit periodically for drug tests and other reasons. While I definitely still dream while I am smoking marijuana daily, I certainly experience very vivid dreams once I have quit smoking marijuana for a week or so. Perhaps it is that smoking marijuana makes you feel somewhat as though you are dreaming while you are awake.

But while I dream all the time, the vividness and realism of my dreams definitely increases substantially once I have quit smoking for about a week or two. Dreams are susceptible to suggestion and intervention. A really fun thing to do when you are in a semi-conscious dream state is try to change your dream. More than once, I have had a scary dream and I said to myself in my dream that I was only dreaming. Also, a really fun way to get in touch with your dreams is to keep a dream journal when you wake up. The more you pay attention to your dreams the clearer they become. Creative, imaginative people are known to be more sensitive to hypnosis. If you're aware that you're dreaming, then you aren't fully in a state of dreaming. And if you can change your dreams, you definitely aren't in a total dream state. NOT because I failed (I got an A both times), but because I missed too many classes. Are you implying there's no such thing as lucid dreaming? If you become aware that you are dreaming ("become lucid") it doesn't mean that you aren't really in a sleep state. When people realize they are dreaming, they become overexcited and usually wake up. Those who practice lucid dreaming spend considerable amounts of time on practicing techniques to avoid awakening while lucid. It may not have been covered in your Psych 101 class but it is definitely true. I myself recently started studying and having lucid dreams and the only time i got excited and woke up to check the position of my body outside of the dream was the first time it happened, but now i have them almost every night i sleep - i also go to sleep stoned every night and i remember my dreams. in particular, the phenomenon of extremely vivid dreams upon cessation of long term, heavy marijuana use. It seems that a major obstacle in this effort is the fact that within a week of his last high he is troubled by "extremely vivid", frightening, violent dreams that leave him shaken well into the next day. I did not experience this when I gave up marijuana, so I have no idea how to help. This problem has invariably lead him back to use of the drug. I have found some references to this phenomenon on the internet, but no suggestions about how it might be addressed (medications, supplements). Might you have any information about this, or suggestions as to where I might look? Hi, I would try guided imagery, self hypnosis, relaxation techniques, and a very good therapist. The dreams should quiet down after his sleep cycle returns to normal REM. okay so i was going throught the EXACT same thing as yur friend.

buh recently wen my first semester of college started in started having these VIVID> EXTREMELY realistic dreams. & now when i smoke i subcontiously tell my self that "its tha weed" & i try to focus on whats going on in front of me instead of thing about tha future or a past event. if yu jusst sit there, yur gonna end up pondering into deep thought.

he should be good in no time :) Are you sure you were. Are you sure you were 'dreaming?' Because normally dreams disappear while you're smoking and reappear when you quit.


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