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Indeed, the strongest enemies we face are often an extension of ourselves, to overcome this adversary, you will have to. This is a very much pointless blog but I'm going to write about it anyway. I suppose everyone has already heard of the dab thing going around, yes?

Well I decided to write about this because I was re-watching some episodes from one piece when Sanji comes up, doing the dab and again in the movie film Z. So of course I did the natural thing , I snap chatted it. Sanji owns the dab, is what I thought until I remembered seeing it in other anime so I looked it up and found that other people also knew that anime are the original dabbers. Remember that time Gohan dressed in horrid clothes and pranced around as a hero? Thanks for reading all the way through this crappy blog, I bless you with muffins. Made by Martin Birzle in Frankenthal, Germany, these cult icons are the best bongs money can buy. Designed and inspired to be both functional and aesthetically perfect the Roor Bongs Family is the most recognizable brand within the smoking pipes, and glass blowers community. Revered throughout the world for their perfect form and function these classic Roor Waterpipes are definitely the best glass on glass pipes ion the world today. No other glass bong comes close to the pedigree or the quality of a roor bong. With rock solid glass on glass joints these pipes are manufactured to extreme tolerances by artisans who have been making glass, especially scientific glass, for generations.

Buy a roor bong in the knowledge that you are purchasing not just an object but a way of life. Don't worry we hate spam to - that's why we send out emails only to showcase new items or special offers. Abraxian Basil Bush Black Leaf Cheech & Chong Glass Cheeky One Chongz D-Lux Darkshot Dude Bongs Grace Glass Jaxx USA Killer Red Eye Roor Shiva Zombie Bongs. The daddy of all bongs in the ROOR collection is the ROOR Bong 1000. Just as you would expect from a ROOR bong it is hand-blown to perfection and as stylish as ever! Each individual ROOR bong is hand-blown to perfection. PLEASE NOTE DELIVERY TIMES WILL VARY AS THE ROOR BONGS ARE MADE TO ORDER. The ROOR Bong 250 Rasta is the groovier brother to the ROOR Bong 250; same hand blown perfection, but with a far more colourful finish. The second largest bong in the ROOR collection is the ROOR Bong 500. Just as you would expect from a ROOR bong it is hand-blown to perfection and as stylish as ever! PLEASE NOTE DELIVERY TIMES WILL VARY AS THE ROOR BONGS ARE MADE TO ORDER. This bong is a work of craft; much more impressive than a simple work of art. The ROOR Little Sista Ice Master 7mm has a conical shape in order to hold more water, and has been hand blown to perfection. The ROOR Little Sista Ice Master is the latest model in the ROOR collection. If you want a larger water volume than other bongs then the Little Sista should be considered. Now available with a choice of 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint size. The Roor Dealers cup stands at a towering 55cm, distinctly distinguishing itself from the Little Sista range. Thick-walled and highly durable, all ROOR bongs are still hand blown and made to order in high quality silicate glass that is forged at extremely high temperatures, and then cooled to become stress free. With ROOR products the beauty is often in the details, and their characteristic touches include hexagonal, saucer-like bases that are exceptionally strong and safe, and glass gauzes rather than the usual metal filters, meaning a sweeter and cleaner smoke without the hassle of having to replace the gauze. Clean, precise lines give the bongs an aesthetic beauty. Hand blown to perfection by ROOR creator Martin Birzle and his team of glass experts, each ROOR bong is created from finest boroscilcate glass. From the original Chinese invention of the water pipe in the 16th century, the bong reached its pinnacle some 20 years ago, when an expert glassblower was asked by his friends to make a bong. Shivas range of Roor Bongs gives you the most stylish, well-designed, state-of-the-art bongs in the market today, and it will be difficult to find any similar products which can match the quality and elegance of the Roor range. There are currently seven items in Shiva's product line and, since all bongs are hand-blown to order, delivery times are variable, but the product is worth waiting for, as you will surely find out.

The leading product in the range, the Little Sista Ice Master 7mm, as the name tells you, is constructed from glass that is 7mm thick. Much thought has gone into its manufacture, and the conical base gives greater stability and a higher water capacity than a standard bowl.

It also has an ice-shelf for better cleaning and cooling of the smoke. As with other items in the Roor range, this model has glass gauze instead of metal, which gives a cleaner and smoother smoking sensation and averts the need to change gauzes from time to time. A more colourful alternative in the Roor range is the Roor Bong 250 Rasta, a colourful name for a colourful product.


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