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Remember, you can do that only with the existing chats; Long tap the chat and in the pop-up, choose Mute Messages . Open the app, go to Direct ; Open the chat with the person and at the top of the dialogue window tap (i) icon; Push the slider Mute Messages to the right. Follow all the steps described above, but instead of Mute Messages choose Mute Video Chats . Fix notification settings (total) Open your app, go to your Profile ; Open the acc settings (three dots or lines at the top) and tap Settings ; Find the Notifications line, tap it; If you want to switch all the notifications, push the Pause All slider to the right; Then tap the Direct Messages line.

Now you can switch off the notifications about: Message Requests. No kimkardashian wants to send you a message anymore; Messages. No kimcardashian wants to add kyliejenner to your group anymore; Video Chats . Turn these notifications off completely or fix what to receive: From People I follow or From Everyone. If you faced some troubles with your DMs, "Instagram Direct Message Not Working." Why?" will teach you how to deal with that. Instagram provides you with the possibility to manage all your notifications as you wish: sounds, floating pop-ups, light notification, or to turn off all the notification in a couple of clicks. Open your app, go to your Profile ; Open the acc settings (three dots or lines at the top) and tap Settings ; Find the Notifications line, tap it; If you want to switch all the notifications, push the Pause All slider to the right; Then tap Direct Messages line; Scroll down, tap Additional options in system settings ; Now tap Instagram Direct .

Here you can: Turn on/off floating and Lock screen notifications ; Turn on/off S ound, Vibration and Notification light . Just for reference, floating notifications are those who appear for a couple of seconds when the message is received. Lock Screen notifications are those which are shown when your phone is locked. There will be no need to unlock the phone to view the notification. Do you want to know the secret about DM notifications on Instagram? Read "Never Miss A Trick: Make Use Of Instagram DM Notification" What else you need to know about Instagram DMs? Did you know that using Ingramer you can easily optimize your communication with followers and make it more productive? It's possible thanks to the careful automatization. Ingramer introduces Auto DM service for its clients. Thanks to it you can become closer with your followers, make them loyal and engaged. Second, notify all followers about important events in your life. Do it automatically to save some time for yourself. With Ingramer, you can configure the most precise targeting and set the recipients of your messages - all followers, all new followers, and create a custom list. We’ve already considered all about Instagram message request . I mean how to switch on Instagram notification sound and how to switch off it. As you can understand, it is no so complicated to use Instagram mute messages. Above all, Instagram has the function to switch on Instagram like notification and follow notification. Honestly, such a feature is a built-in option of Instagram that can simplify the usage process for users. Thanks to it, a person can know all the news that is connected with his profile, followers and followings. It is a useful feature because people can stay in touch and don’t miss something important. It is a known fact that everyone wants to become popular on Instagram and to have lots of likes and direct requests. It would be best if you used some cool tricks like hashtag generator. It is a feature that can raise the profile in the general rating of accounts thanks to correctly picked hashtags. Hashtag generator selects the list of the most suitable and trending hashtags that you can use under your posts.

If you choose the working hashtags - the audience will find you and start to like and follow your profile. Hashtag generator works as follows: it divides all hashtags on the specific theme into frequent, average and rare. As usual, you need to use no more than 15 hashtags under one publication. But not to use more than 30 - Instagram can ban your account or your profile can get the shadowban. I won't discover America to you if I tell you that you don't see all the published posts of your followings in the Instagram feed. Everyone knows that Instagram uses a special selective algorithm to show the most interesting and trending posts first, without paying attention to the individual posts of some from the list of your followings. Perhaps, this is a convenient feature that does not turn your news feed into a mess of new publications. And most importantly, this algorithm works according to your interests and shows only the most relevant posts. What do you need to do if you want to see new posts of your followings and friends no matter publications are relevant to you or not? Above all, it will help you to stay in touch with the latest news and events of your friends.

So there is a perfectly understandable question, how to turn on notifications for Instagram posts? Our friendly Ingramer team has already done the research and found out how to turn notifications on for Instagram publications!


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