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We have a buying guide listed for the best if labs dragon ball z toys available in the 2020 marketplace. Our information is verified and reviewed by AI data and Big Data – authority proofreading platforms. The next question is, how have we made this buying guide? We have a technological, uniquely-designed set of algorithms, which is based on the below factors: Brand Value Product Value Quality and Durability Features & Specifications Customer Reviews & Ratings. Along with authenticity, our priority is to offer our reader with 100% up-to-date information. We want our readers to always read the latest news in the market. In case if you feel there’s a problem with our information, and that our data provided aren’t up to the mark, then please feel free to contact us. Irwin Toy, a Canadian distributor and manufacturer of toys, and FUNimation, the packaging firm that licenses and packages Dragonball and Dragonball Z for North America, joined forces to create IF Labs, a Fort Worth-based toy company that produced toys based on the Dragonball Z Movies and tv series. In 2002 Irwin Toy went bankrupt, and Jakks Pacific took over the line. In total 19 series were made for the Movie Collection. Here I’ll only show the Movie Collection from IF Labs, so the first 3 series. The packaging was, like the figures, large, and cylindrical of shape, with a large see-through area at the front showcasing the figure. The figures were made larger than Irwin Toy’s regular Action Figures, and made to look / compete with McFarlane figures, with detailed shading and rubber clothing. The figures were roughly in scale with one another. Series 1 consisted out of 4 figures; Cooler, Super Saiyan Goku (battle damaged), Slug and Piccolo (battle damaged). The first 2, Cooler and Super Saiyan Goku (battle damaged) were based on the movie Dragonball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, ドラゴンボール Z ゼット とびっきりの 最 さい 強 きょう 対 たい 最 さい 強 きょう Doragon Bōru Zetto: Tobikkiri no Saikyō tai Saikyō (Dragon Ball Z: The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest), also referred to as Dragon Ball Z: The Strongest Rivals, which is the 5th Dragonball Z movie and 8th Dragonball movie overall. The last 2, Slug and Piccolo (battle damaged), were based on the movie Dragonball Z: Lord Slug: ドラゴンボール Z ゼット 超 スーパー サイヤ 人 じん だ 孫 そん 悟 ご 空 くう Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Saiya-jin da Son Gokū (Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku), also referred to as Dragonball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku, which is the 4th Dragonball Z movie and 7th Dragonball movie overall. Series 2 also consisted out of 4 figures; Metal Cooler, Krillin (spacesuit), Goku (spacesuit) and Super Saiyan Vegeta (battle damaged). All 4 figures were based on the movie Dragonball Z: The Return of Cooler, ドラゴンボール Z ゼット 激 げき 突 とつ !!100 億 おく パワーの 戦 せん 士 し たち Doragon Bōru Zetto Gekitotsu!! Hyaku-Oku Pawā no Senshi-tachi (Dragon Ball Z: Clash!! 10,000,000,000 Powerful Warriors), also referred to as Dragonball Z: Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors, which is the 6th Dragonball Z movie and 9th Dragonball movie overall. Blurb from the box: The Return of Cooler™ New Namek is besieged by an enormous evil entity – the Big Gete Star – a ‘living planet’ of metal that sustains itself by devouring entire worlds. Fearing the existence of his people, Dende, the new guardian of Earth, turns to Goku and his friends for help. The Z-Fighters spring into action in an effort to save the new Namekian home world from this invading menace, but their fight won’t be easy! The Big Gete Star has an army of powerful Cyclopean Guards at its disposal, and what’s more, at the heart of this metal giant lurks an old enemy… Cooler!

Metal Cooler is the biggest figure in the set, standing 28cm tall. He comes with a red plastic base that is lower than the rest, possible due to its weight or height. One arm is regenerating, while the other is a fist.

He has articulation in his head, shoulders, elbow, waist, hips, upper legs and knees.


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